The Best Wide (And Extra Wide) Width Mules In The World

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My recent post about wide and extra wide width sneakers was by far the most widely discussed post I’ve ever written.  I’ve since had countless conversations with many of you discussing the challenges we all seem to face in finding the perfect shoe.  The STRUGGLE is real, y’all!

I’ve always had a tough time finding cute and comfortable shoes due to my wide feet and occasional swelling, but I didn’t realize so many of you were struggling too.  Because of this, I have decided to write a series of posts about different types of shoes and where to find great options.

apples-63.jpgI plan to update these posts with new styles and brands as I find them, so be sure to bookmark this and check back in the future.  If you have any favorite brands that offer wide and extra wide shoes, let me know in the comments so I can check them out!

The Best Wide Slip On Shoes

Today’s post is about a trend I’ve been dying to try:  mules!  I FINALLY found an option that fits well and looks great!

Bella Vita is one of my go-to brands for nice shoes.  It is an Italian company available at a variety of department stores and retailers.

I’ve got their booties and flats, but today I’m talking about these MULES!


So many of my favorite bloggers and Youtubers have been raving about Gucci loafers which are beautiful but both pricey and narrow.   While I knew Gucci loafers weren’t in my future, I was determined to get the look without breaking the bank… or my feet.

When I came across these Bella Vita beauties, I was so excited to give them a try.  I ordered two styles:  black leather and blush pink.  I loved both but decided to only keep the black because I knew they would be used way more often.

I sometimes order 1/2 size down in this brand, but decided not to for these.  I’m glad I didn’t.  I have plenty of room but they’re not too big.  They are available in multiple widths from narrow to extra wide. They are available at a number of retailers, so I’m linking a few options below because they’re selling out in some sizes:

Option 1

Option 2

I am also linking a similar style which actually look even more like the Gucci version.

Similar Option 1

Similar Option 2

Similar Option 3

Similar Option 4

The only downside I found with these is that the black leather transferred some color onto my nail polish.  I am hopeful that once I break them in more, that won’t be the case.  I’ll keep you posted.  If the color transfer bothers you, I’d stick to the velvet versions instead of the leather.

Questions For You:

What is your favorite shoe brand?  What is the type of shoe you struggle finding the most?  What do you want to see next in this series…. ballet flats, booties or wide calf boots?  Please let me know in the comments!

8 thoughts on “The Best Wide (And Extra Wide) Width Mules In The World

  1. I’d love to see if any flats exist that don’t look godawful on wide feet…you know, side spillage. I really hate side spillage. Most of my shoes are either boots, lace-ups, Mary-Janes, or Birkenstocks. If you’re a D width, the regular width Birkenstocks are perfect. They’re especially perfect when you wear a women’s 10.5, since the Euro 41 is the closest thing available. I also really like Alegria, but the width varies by shoe, so order somewhere with free returns. The rest of my shoes are probably either Danskos, Clarks, or Docs.

    1. I’m planning to write about flats soon! Other people have mentioned Birkenstocks too! I’ve never tried them.

      1. Birkenstocks are pretty much all I put on my feet in the summer. My favorites are the soft footbed Granada. I think they can be pretty much reconstructed as they wear out. I’ve had them for 4 years and the soles are just now wearing out. I’ll probably try to get them re-soled since they’re all broken in correctly. (They do require breaking in, but once they are broken in, you won’t want to remove them.)

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