The Best Extra Wide Calf Boots In The World


Shoes are by far my biggest fashion struggle, and after months of chatting with many of you I’ve realized we’re all in the same boat.   I’ve written about wide width sneakers and wide width mules but the NUMBER one question I get now is about where to find the best wide calf boots that are ACTUALLY wide calf.

For YEARS, I would get excited after hearing about a new, awesome wide calf boot only to go try it on and realize that even most popular wide calf boots aren’t wide enough for me.

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Around five years ago, I discovered Simply Be USA and I FINALLY found wide calf boots that work for me!


Why You’ll Love Simply Be Wide Calf Boots:

  1.  They’re affordably priced!
  2. There are multiple foot widths available (FOUR different widths up to EEEEE)!
  3. There are multiple calf widths available (with the largest width at 23.5″)!
  4. There are both brown and black options available, with several styles to choose from.
  5. They’re durable!  With normal wear, a pair of these boots could last you several years.  Even when I was wearing mine daily in rain, snow, etc. and walking miles in New York City, they lasted at least a year before needing to be replaced.
  6. They’re comfortable!  Most boots hurt my feet and I can only stand to wear them for short periods of time.  These feel great and I can wear them all day with no issues.

The exact boots I’m wearing in the picture are no longer available because I’ve had them a couple years, but I’m linking the style closest to the ones I have and love. They’re available in both brown and black!

Extra Wide Calf Extra Wide Width Tall Boots For Plus Size Women

If you’re on the hunt for extra wide calf and extra-wide width boots, look no further!  These are awesome!

Let me know in the comments… besides wide calf boots, what are your biggest fashion challenges?

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The Plus Life Blog Shares Where To Find Extra Wide Calf Boots That Actually Fit Wide Calves

21 thoughts on “The Best Extra Wide Calf Boots In The World

  1. I’d love to find a good pair of regular jeans. Old style, not skin tight, made for women with thick thighs and butt. They are all soooooo tight. And when I get a pair that does fit, they are giant in the waist. Just a pair of old school jeans. Not skinny jeans, not boot cut, not flare, not wide leg…just jeans. Think Lane Bryant 1995. Jeans. Doesn’t anyone make them anymore???

    1. Jeans are SO tough… Have you tried Woman Within? I think they offer just regular straight leg jeans.

    2. Me too!! I also am on the lookout for those. I always have to buy a bigger size Jean just to fit my thighs but then they are so big in the waist.

      1. That’s good to know! Thanks for the heads up. I’ve been eyeing some jeans on their site.

    3. GAP makes a great boot cut jean in plus size that has a normal cut with just enough stretch but not too much.

    1. You’re welcome! I was so excited to share this resource because they’ve been so awesome for me!

      1. There is a size chart on the website! Would definitely recommend checking it out! The calf width varies depending upon what size she wears.

  2. I found New Balance sneakers wide width and they are very comfortable and my knees don’t hurts as much from arthritis. I’ll have to try the Nike if I can find them never can find the wide width here

    1. Hey Anita! I hope you like the Nikes when you try them! You could always order them online & return if they don’t work. That’s usually what I do. There are links in the post – hope that helps!

    1. These should work for you! They’re the only ones that have ever worked for me. Check out the size chart on the site!

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