The Best Extra Wide Width Sneakers In The World

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A plus size woman's leg and wide foot wearing black leggings and grey and white sneakers

Out of all my fashion struggles, I think shoes are by far the most challenging for me.  I have REALLY wide feet and sometimes deal with swelling.  I spend a lot of my time wearing stretchy flats and rarely wear sneakers unless I’m exercising.

I’ve never really found sneakers to be overly comfortable and they’re almost always too tight for me.

Nike sneakers are by far my favorite aesthetically, but they always have been way too narrow for me in my adult years.

Recently, after getting tired of hearing me whine about how much I hated my sneakers my husband, Kevin, decided to take me shoe shopping.  I browsed every rack in the store and was feeling a bit defeated… until we were on our way out and I spotted them.

Grey & White Nike Sneaker - Extra Wide Width

There was ONE small shelf of Nike sneakers with a sticker that said “extra wide”!


I excitedly tried the shoes AND THEY FIT! Perfectly!

I bought these beautiful Tanjun Wide Width (2E) Sneakers in Wolf Grey/White and have worn them non-stop ever since.

Plus size woman's lower legs walking while wearing grey and white sneakers and black capri leggings.

These are comfy enough for long walks and attractive enough for my favorite athleisure looks or for running errands.

If you’re on the hunt for extra wide width sneakers, I HIGHLY recommend you check these out!

If grey isn’t your thing, you can check them out here in black too!

Black and White Nike Sneaker side profile

Or if you don’t have wide feet, you can check out the regular width here!

Let me know below… do you have wide feet? What are your favorite sneakers?  Maybe I’ll do a roundup of our faves soon!

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This blog post has sparked more messages and conversations than anything else I’ve ever posted.  You’ve told me that you struggle with finding wide and extra wide shoes like I do, and I want to help.

I’ve been on a mission to try a variety of styles and brands of wide width shoes and will be starting a series rounding up my faves.

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Plus size woman's lower legs walking while wearing grey and white sneakers and black capri leggings.

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31 thoughts on “The Best Extra Wide Width Sneakers In The World

  1. Miranda, you couldn’t have posted this at a better time! I have always struggled to find a good pair of wide width shoes. I am in the market for a new pair of shoes since my surgery. I will be sure to check these out! Thanks!

  2. I love Nike sneakers and bought a similar pair last year. However, the tounge of the shoe was attached on both sides so it was super tight on the top. I will need to investigate these further. I am in need of a good sneaker.

    1. The tongue can be a challenge for me too! These are not attached on the sides! Super helpful!

  3. I have had good luck with Sketcher D’Lites in wide. Both the slip on and tie versions. Sketchers also has a nice line in Wide for slip on, flat or slight heel shoes that can be dressy or casual for work. I am not affiliated with them. Just found what works for me. I’m 8.5W and it’s hard to find nice, comfy shoes.

    1. I do wear Skechers slip ons as well! The flats! They’re very comfy too but I was missing “real” sneakers. I haven’t checked out the D’Lites!

  4. I’ve been waiting and waiting for my size and color to come back in stock and finally it was! Thank you again for posting about these! They’ve been a favorite but I’ve had to size up. I can’t wait to get them!!

  5. I love New Balance with the rollbar in them. I have a white pair and a grey/ peach pair. They make the sublination ( rolling out of the heel) stable. I see a lot of plus size shoes that creal over outwardly this tennis shoe helps with that. If you have those problems that is the shoe for you. I’ll try that Nike also it look great.

  6. I have been wearing new balance extra wide shoes for over 10 years. They’ve been great. Their Aravon line of casual shoes has moved to and they’re all I wear to the office.

    1. I personally wear them for exercising but I don’t do anything super high impact. They work great for me, but I know everyone’s different with their shoe/support needs. They’re definitely great for walking which is my primary use.

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