Boss Babe 101: The Perfect Business Cards & Stationery From Basic Invite

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It’s been just over a month since I quit my corporate job.   While I do miss the steady paycheck and the comfort that brings,  I’m still SO excited about all of the things that are happening in my life now that I’ve made the space.  The past month has been a blur to say the least, but I am still so happy I made the leap.

My primary focuses over the past month have been building my blog (oh, hi! THANK YOU for being here) and putting together our new home.  I’ve also been so grateful for time spent with my family.

Miranda Schultz sitting at a desk in her home office wearing a pink dress.

On the business front, I’ve made some incredible progress in the past month.  My July blog stats were almost TRIPLE my June numbers and I’ve been so fortunate to connect with so many of you.  I really don’t like to focus too much on how many followers I have or how many people are reading the blog, but I do love being able to connect to more awesome women and am so grateful for each of you.


A Special Night – A Fundraiser With Draper James

If you follow me on social media (oh, hi!  Instagram, here.  Facebook, here) you likely already know that last night I partnered with the team at Draper James’ Lexington store to host a Shop & Sip event for a charity in my hometown.

I am overjoyed with the way the event turned out and wanted to capture it for you with a quick post here.

People often speak negatively about growing up in a small town, but I have to say…. you really just can’t beat the love and support of a community like the one I came from.

It’s A Problem: My July 2018 Amazon Purchases

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I’ve got an Amazon problem, y’all!  I LOVE it.  I have to say, I’ve gotten way better about my little habit, but July was definitely a little Amazon shopping heavy.

When we were in our apartment in NY, a neighbor once questioned me about what in the world we were buying to have packages arrive every day.  Oops!  I’m not proud of it, but it is what it is I guess.  There was no Target nearby so what was a girl to do?

Anyway, I LOVE a good haul on YouTube or a blog… so I thought it would be fun to let you in on what I bought on Amazon in July 2018.

As you may know, Kevin and I just bought a house.. so a lot of my purchases were related to house projects.  I also am working on trying more drugstore brand makeup products.  I was pleasantly surprised with both the Milani bronzer and with the Maybelline concealer.

These are in order of date of purchase, starting with the most recent!

Salad Choppers:

When I lived in New York, I loved going to delis and places like Sweetgreen or Just Salad for chopped salads.  There’s just something about having all the ingredients chopped up that makes them taste better to me.  I saw a YouTuber (Alex Garza) talk about these and IMMEDIATELY purchased them.  I’ve been eating way more salad since I got them.  Money well spent!


Shower Head

I’m really loving our new house (more home content coming soon!) but both of our bathrooms upstairs need updates.  We won’t be able to do the renovations just yet, but in the meantime I couldn’t STAND the current shower head in the bathroom I use.

The tub/shower combo is SO tiny already which annoys me, but the worst part was that the shower head we had was for a much bigger shower, so it would spray water directly into our bathroom floor.

I remember my grandma having one of these removable shower heads when I was younger and I loved being able to take it down and use it like a salon sink/sprayer to rinse my hair.

My dad swears by Delta brand products so when I found this deal on Amazon, I jumped on it!

Twin Size Air Mattress & Sheet Set

Kevin’s family came to visit us from New York, and while we’re fortunate to have two guest bedrooms, we wanted a comfy place for our nephew to sleep upstairs near his mom and dad.  We decided to get this twin size air mattress and sheet set from Amazon so that he could sleep in the same room as his parents.  I think his mom ended up on the air mattress most of the time, though, and he took over the bed with his dad!  Haha.

My All Time Favorite Body Wash

For most of my life, I purchased whatever brand of body wash smelled good and was a good price wherever I was shopping.  A few years ago, I stumbled upon this Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus body wash and now it’s the only product I want to use.

It’s a little pricey compared to some of the common brands (but way less expensive than the REALLY fancy stuff) but the way it smells and the way it makes my skin feel??? Worth it!  It smells like a tropical vacation every time I shower.. and I love it.

Maybelline Concealer

Now that I don’t have a steady corporate paycheck, I’m trying to be a bit more frugal.  Instead of replacing my go-to concealer (Tarte Shape Tape), I decided to try a much less expensive option.

I have to say, for the price, this is a really great option!  The coverage and staying power aren’t quite as good as Shape Tape, but if you’re trying to save money on makeup, I’d recommend it!

Gold Drawer Pulls

When we first moved to Kentucky from New York, we were in a rush to buy furniture because we weren’t able to bring everything from New York.  We got all of my office furniture and also a piece for our bedroom at IKEA.  While the pieces look pretty good, they’re a bit plain.

I decided to bump up the look of the IKEA pieces with these drawer pulls.  I haven’t installed them yet, so be on the lookout for a before and after!  Such an inexpensive way to dress up your existing pieces.

Milani Bronzer

Speaking of budget friendly makeup…. I ran out of my go-to MAC bronzer recently and decided to give this Milani option a try.  I normally don’t go for shimmery bronzer, but this has been a really fun addition for summer.   I do miss my matte bronzer, so I’ll be looking for another option to add to the collection for fall.

White Curtain Toppers:

When we bought our house, the former owners left behind all of their curtains.  There is not one curtain they left behind that I actually like.  I still don’t have a long term design plan for all of the rooms but I knew the existing curtains had to go.  For now, I’m using white toppers in almost every room and keeping things neutral.

I liked that these were inexpensive enough that I won’t feel guilty changing them out when I make design decisions in some of the rooms.

Pineapple iPhone Case

Did you know that the pineapple is the symbol of southern hospitality?  I’m really into pineapples lately for that reason and when my last phone case broke, I decided to go for this one.  So cute!

Pineapple Doorbell

Another fun pineapple purchase… this doorbell!  After we moved in, we realized our doorbell didn’t work and my sweet hubby replaced our broken one with this cutie!  So cute and welcoming.

Kitchen Faucet:

One of the minor issues with our house from the inspection was that the handle of the kitchen faucet was broken off.  It still worked but was a bit frustrating to maneuver using it without the handle.  This one looks almost exactly like the one that was installed before… and it works!  Such luxury!  Haha.

That’s it for this month!  Are you as obsessed with Amazon as I am???  Did you order anything fun recently?




Real Talk: How I Manage Foot Pain From Heel Spurs and Plantar Fasciitis

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Most of you don’t know this because I’ve never discussed it publicly, but I have suffered from intense foot pain for years.

I have flat feet and have had a variety of different aches and pains over the years.  I got tired of living in pain a few years ago and finally went to the doctor where I was diagnosed with heel spurs and plantar fasciitis.

Miranda Schultz - The Plus Life Blog - Blue Dress

Entertaining Tips: Checklist for Hosting Out of Town Guests

As many of you already know, Kevin and I recently purchased our first home.  After seven years of one bedroom apartments, we are SO excited to be able to host out of town guests for extended periods of time!

His family is coming down to visit from New York next week, and it’s been so fun preparing for their visit.  Of course, given that we’ve just moved in we had a lot more projects than normal when preparing for houseguests but I thought it would be fun to share my MUST HAVES for hosting out of town guests.



Download PDF checklist here!

I also made a fun WIFI password printable to put in our guest rooms and living room during their stay.  It’s formatted to be printed in 5×7!  Enjoy!

All You Need Is Love and Wifi - Wifi Password Printable



Thank You! 10K On Instagram!

Hey everyone!  Today’s post is going to be short & sweet but I just have to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to each and every one of you for following along on my new blogging journey.

I am blown away that within just a few short months, there are now over 10,000 of you following my Instagram.

I genuinely thought I’d spend many months or even years writing and sharing content to a few friends and family members… and was fully prepared to do so because I love it so much.

10K Followers on Instagram!

I had NO idea that this thing would resonate with y’all the way it has and I am humbled, honored and thrilled to have connected with each of you in some way.

I can’t wait for all that is to come & want you to know just how much you mean to me!

With that said, DEFINITELY recommend that you subscribe to my email list and follow my social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) because I have some really fun things coming in celebration of reaching this 10,000 follower milestone!  I’m talking giveawaysssss, baby!

10K Followers on Instagram!

I have a few fun ones in the works for you, so stay tuned!  I’d also love for you to let me know in the comments… what brands or items would you like to see in a giveaway?   I’ve also thought it would be fun to give my time in some way and connect with you on a deeper level if that is of interest.  If you could spend time hanging out with me (virtually or in real life if local) what would you want to do?  I’m thinking maybe a video chat about topic of your choice,  virtual styling session, Pinterest board with clothing recommendations, etc.  I REALLY want to give you something you’d like.. so chime in below!



10K Followers on Instagram!

An Honest Review of Blue Apron

Disclaimer:  Please note that some links on this blog including are affiliate links.  I will receive a small percentage when you purchase items using these links.  This money is used to help offset the costs of maintaining the blog and creating content for you.  I appreciate your support in utilizing these links when you purchase items I recommend! XOXO, Miranda

I had planned on sharing a different post today but am switching things up a bit!  I recently tried Blue Apron for the first time, and as part of my subscription I had three free boxes I could share with friends.  I decided to offer them up to my Instagram friends (follow me here if you don’t already!)

I had probably 30 of you DM me within the first 5-10 minutes of posting the IG story asking for the free box.  First of all, you ladies really ARE my tribe…. y’all love free stuff as much as I do and I love it!  Second, I was bummed I couldn’t share more with you because everyone was so excited to try it.

Dress is Eshakti From Gwynnie Bee:  Get 30 days FREE here

I got to work & was able to get a discount for my readers, and am so excited to share it with you!  It’s a good one too! $40 OFF your first two weeks!

Sooooo… I quit my job!


OK, sorry for being a little dramatic but I have been keeping this HUGE secret for around a month now and am SO excited to finally tell you what I’ve been hinting about for a while!

I QUIT MY JOB! Friday was my last day at my “grown-up” corporate job, and your girl is UNEMPLOYED (in the traditional sense, that is).  **insert all the crazy eye emojis in the world here**

Don't quit your day job

I really don’t even know where to start with this post because my mind is racing in 1,000 different directions.  I decided to try to think of all the questions I would personally want to ask a friend who up and quit their career after a decade of doing the same-ish thing and being pretty successful at it.

Review: The Plus Size Sports Bra That is Changing The Game!

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post in partnership with GlamoriseSport.  All opinions are my own.  I only share products I personally use and love.  

I’ve got a secret…..

For years, I’ve been a double bra wearer.  That’s right…. when I exercise, I wear a sports bra with a regular underwire bra underneath.

I’m not particularly busty, but I still prefer additional support that most sports bras just don’t provide.  Regular sports bras typically either smash my “girls” flat or don’t provide enough support to control the bounce when I work out.

I’ve always HATED that when I use my “double bra method” you can see both sets of straps under tank tops.  I’ve also hated getting my favorite bras sweaty and gross requiring me to wash them after each wear, causing them to wear out quickly.

Our Dream Wedding in Lexington, KY

Today, Kevin and I celebrate our two year wedding anniversary!  I’ll be totally cliche’ and say that time really does fly when you’re having fun.  I can’t believe it’s been two years since our special day.

Planning a wedding can be intense and stressful for anyone, but there is extra stress for plus size brides-to-be.  I am a classic Type-A personality and am an over the top perfectionist.  I also tend to get stressed out easily.  Given all of this, I would have expected to be a total basket case when it came to planning my wedding but I managed to keep it all together and had a super relaxed day.

In honor of our anniversary, I thought it would be fun to share some info about our big day.

Here’s a quick trailer video that our videographers at First String Media put together for us: