In-Store Try-On: Anthropologie Plus Size Review and Haul

If you follow plus size fashion news, you’ve likely heard that Anthropologie has launched its first ever plus size collection called A+ By Anthropologie.  Everyone’s talking about it and I even wrote an initial post sharing my first impressions of the line.  You can read that post here.

One of the things I was super bummed about was that the plus line was initially available in only ten stores throughout the US, none of which were within 100 miles of where I live.  What I FORGOT when I was doing my research was that Kevin & I had a trip to Chicago planned for my birthday at the end of March and there was a store about 30 minutes north of the city that did carry the line.

I couldn’t resist the opportunity to go check out the pieces in person, so the Sunday morning before we headed home we made the trek to the Skokie, IL store!

I’ve only stepped foot inside an Anthropologie store once or twice in my lifetime but walking in knowing that I’d be able to actually shop for CLOTHING and not just home items or accessories was so exciting!

Watch my YouTube video where I try on several pieces from the collection!

Prefer to read my thoughts instead of watching? Scroll past the video to keep reading!

My In-Store Experience at Anthropologie Trying The New Plus Size Line

The Store

The store itself is absolutely gorgeous, and I was shocked at how much space was dedicated to the A+ by Anthropologie line!  There was huge signage too and it wasn’t tucked into a basement or far corner of the store like some retail brands tend to do with a plus line.


The staff was incredibly helpful and kind, and I was truly wowed by the shopping experience.  People were coming to grab the items from me as soon as I picked them in order to take them to a fitting room for me.  The dressing room attendants were extremely helpful, but not overbearing.  One of the ladies overheard me mention to my husband, Kevin, that an item was a bit too big and without being prompted she grabbed another size and brought it to me.  That’s service!


We didn’t have a lot of time to shop given that we were headed back to Kentucky so I ran around the section and picked out as many of my faves as possible to try.  I didn’t see the entire collection but most of the items I wanted to try were there.


For reference, I am generally a size 26/28 or a 4X in nearly all clothing.  The A+ by Anthropologie line is only available up to a 3X or 26.  I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to find anything that fits but was surprised to find that many of the pieces run large.

Not only did all of the items I tried on fit, in many of the tops and dresses with numbered sizing the 26 was too large. I needed to size down to a 24.  I didn’t have time to try on any of the jeans, but given that I hold weight in my hips and butt, I expect those would have been the biggest challenge for me with regards to the fit.


The quality of the items was incredible.  The level of detail, the fabric thickness/quality, and the lining really impressed me.  I will say, though, that you should definitely check the fabric tags if purchasing online.  Some dresses were basic polyester dresses, and at this price point, I’m not sure I’d consider those as worth the investment as some of the other higher quality pieces.


I wouldn’t necessarily say that I consider myself to be an “Anthro girl”, meaning that the general vibe of the store doesn’t 100% match the types of clothing I wear every day. However, there were many pieces in the collection that I LOVED and definitely think I would wear often.

I was actually surprised by how many pieces were in line with my classic/comfortable personal style given that I think of Anthropologie as more boho.

Anthropologie Plus Size In Store Try On - Marilyn Navy Blue Polka Dot Dress

The Outcome?

So, let’s get to the really exciting part…I’m sure you’re curious to find out what I bought.  I knew from the beginning that I was only buying one piece from the collection due to the price point.  I didn’t want to invest a lot of money into multiple pieces without testing one favorite for all-day wear and durability.

I chose the navy polka dot Marilyn dress!  I guess I have gotten really good at online shopping because this dress was first on my list in the last post! All of my opinions about finding an option to fit my larger than a size 3X/26 body were spot on.

This beautiful dress DID NOT disappoint in person. If I’m spending $130 on a dress, it needs to be something versatile and classic that I can wear frequently in upcoming seasons AND something that will be “in style” for many years to come.  This is a very high-quality piece, with good stretch, a nice lining, beautiful detail (buttons AND embroidered polka dots).

I have NOT yet worn the dress but I expect that this will be a staple in my wardrobe for years to come.

I purchased this dress in a 3X and I’m usually a size 26/28 or a 4X.  I have a smaller bust and larger hips and the 3X fit my hips perfectly.  I could have likely even sized down to the 2X for a more fitted bust but I didn’t want to lose length.

Given the price, you can bet that I’ll be wearing it all the time styled in a variety of different ways!  I can see myself wearing this with simple nude flats or wedges or with a bright pop of color (maybe yellow or pink).  I think this would be adorable paired with my white, navy, or pink blazers or even a denim jacket and sneakers for a casual look.

Shop the navy polka dot Marilyn dress I bought by clicking here!

Shop my looks from the video by clicking the links below:

#1 – Blue Floral 
#2 – Blue Polka Dot “Marilyn Dress” (this is the one I bought)
#3 – Yellow high neck dress
#4 – Green Dress
#5 – Blue Faux Wrap Dress
#6 – Chambray Floral Dress
#7 – Burnt Orange Dress
#8 – Black Ribbed Dress
#9 – White Striped Top

Let me know in the comments… how would you style the dress I purchased?  Would you wear this look?

Disclosure:  Links used in this post are affiliate links.  If you purchase through these links I will receive a small commission at no cost to you.  Thank you for supporting my work by using these links when you shop!

2 thoughts on “In-Store Try-On: Anthropologie Plus Size Review and Haul

  1. I take a size 16. I was thrilled to hear that Anthroplogie was rolling out more sizes but boy the clothes seem intentionally hideous. They seem designed to make soneone look as big and sloppy as possible fir a high price. 90% of what I saw on line was extremely unflattering and these are models! High waists with pleating below? Who wears that? Has anyone seen the Goldie Hawn movie Overboard? That kind of clothing that her husband gets her from the charity store. Yuck.

    1. Interesting to hear your thoughts! I love many of the pieces but some of the styles aren’t for me either. I tend to stick to the more classic styles and really enjoy a lot of the dresses, specifically! I also think it’s really awesome that plus-size people who prefer trendier styles that maybe some don’t consider traditionally flattering have another resource as well. It’s also a much higher quality offering than many plus-size options available… which is nice to have! I haven’t seen the movie.

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