Everything you need to know about Anthropologie’s First Plus Size Line

Recently, rumors started swirling that Anthropologie had plans to launch a plus size line and the plus size fashion community went wild!  They’ve been dropping sneak peeks and now the line is finally here!

Today, I’ll be sharing my initial thoughts on the line including:

  • An honest review – the pros and cons of the A+ By Anthropologie line
  • Favorite pieces from the A+ By Anthropologie line
  • Tips and tricks for finding pieces that fit when you’re just outside the size range for a brand

Everything you need to know about Anthropologie’s First Plus Size Line

Disclosure:  Links in this post are affiliate links.  I will receive a small commission if you purchase items using these links at no cost to you.  All opinions are my own. 

Model wearing dress from Anthropologie's new plus size line

Pros of the A+ By Anthropologie Line


The aesthetic of the A+ By Anthropologie line is not something readily available in plus today.  It’s so exciting to see a whole new style that we don’t currently have much access to becoming available to us.  While some of the pieces are a bit outside my personal comfort zone, I can see myself wearing many of the pieces.  I know there are many babes out there who have been dying for this line even more than I have been, so I’m SO excited for us all!

High-quality pieces

The quality of these pieces appears to be incredible.  I haven’t yet seen them in person, but everything I’m hearing is extremely positive with regard to quality.  These pieces should last for years to come!

In-Store Shopping Experience

Shopping at Anthropologie is an EXPERIENCE… an experience that plus-size shoppers rarely get.  It’s exciting to see that Anthropologie is launching the line both online and in some stores.

Consistent Styles Across All Sizes

Nothing annoys me more when a mainstream brand adds plus and gives us nothing but basics that don’t look anything like the usual pieces they offer.  Anthropologie did NOT disappoint!  The pieces they launched for plus sizes are the exact same pieces that are available in straight sizes and petite.  That’s REALLY exciting… we can finally spend some time twinning with our besties if we so choose!

Any time a mainstream brand makes a solid attempt at plus, I’m thrilled.  It’s so good to have more and more options available in a variety of aesthetics.  With so many options now, plus size babes are finally able to develop a personal style based on preference and not just what fits our bodies!  It’s an awesome thing.

Cons of the A+ By Anthropologie Line

Sorry to be a Debbie Downer, but I do have a few issues with the line.

Size Range

First and foremost, the line stops at a size 26 or 3X.  As someone who is pretty solidly a size 26/28, I know I won’t fit into many of the pieces offered.  Keep reading because at the end of this post, I’ll be sharing some of my tips to find pieces that will work for you if you are also slightly outside the size range.  I’m honestly thrilled that Anthropologie even went all the way to a 26 instead of stopping at a 24 like most brands jumping into plus sizes.  I do hope that this line will be incredibly successful and that the size range will continue to expand.  Fingers crossed!


Anthropologie is NOT CHEAP, Y’ALL!!  I’m a pretty frugal gal, so I have a little bit of sticker shock at some of the pricing.  With that said, it’s nice to have higher end options available for special occasions and for staples.  My number one tip for splurging is to only invest in items you will wear ALL THE TIME!  When you’re evaluating an item and trying to decide whether to splurge on it, think to yourself, “When all my laundry is clean, is this the first piece I’ll pick to wear? Can I stylee it multiple different ways to maximize the number of wears I’ll get from it?”

If so, go for it!  I also sometimes justify a splurge purchase if the outfit is for a special occasion.

Another thing you can do when purchasing high end (AKA expensive) pieces is to wear them for a while then resell them to recoup some of your investment.  I wrote a post about selling plus size clothing on Poshmark and you can click here to check that out.

Limited In Store Availablity

Unfortunately, for now, the plus size line is only available in ten stores.  The rest of us not living near those stores will need to shop online.  I’m longing for more in-store shopping experiences and am sad that there are no Anthropologie stores offering plus sizes within 100 miles of my home.  Given the higher price point of the clothing, I’m not excited to spend the money required to buy a bunch of pieces to try on and then have to wait for a refund on anything I don’t want to keep.  It’s just a lot of money to outlay when we shouldn’t have to.

Favorite Pieces in the A+ By Anthropologie Line

Now, I’ll give you what I know you’re here for.  Check out my favorite pieces from the new A+ By Anthropologie line:


Marilyn Button Front Dress


Vivienne Maxi Dress


Ribbed Kingsolver Dress

4130348690009_041_c (1)

Fowler Dress


Arno Textured Shirt Dress


Rostand Button Front Midi Dress


Camilla Maxi Dress


Garden Party Dress

As you’ll see, all of my favorite pieces were dresses.  The line does include some cute tops and pants but the dresses were calling my name!  You can shop the entire collection by clicking here.

Tips for shopping A+ by Anthropologie (or any brand that you’re on the cusp of fitting):

Look for forgiving, stretchy fabrics.  Of the above pieces, I think the Marilyn dress, the Camilla dress, and the ribbed dress are likely the best options to try if you’re a size 28 trying to fit into this collection.  They each have some stretch and forgiving cuts.

Look for pieces that are cut loosely in your largest areas.  If you’re a pear shape, a smaller size in an A-line dress might work.  Or if you have larger arms, go for sleeveless options. I personally am a pear shape who normally wears a size 26/28 and I think that all of the pieces I have linked here would potentially work for me.

Given that I don’t live near a location offering the plus size pieces in-store, I think I’ll pick one or two options to order and try.

I’m curious… what do you think of the A+ line?  Which of these pieces would you wear and which do you want me to try on and review? Let me know in the comments below!



5 thoughts on “Everything you need to know about Anthropologie’s First Plus Size Line

  1. Great blog post!! I am kinda on the fence about what I see from Anthro. I am too heavy so I am not sure how many of these items would work for a large chested person. These are definitely a few pieces I have my eyes on… just wish I could try them on first.

  2. The Camilla dress made me stop my scroll!! It is something I totallyyyyy want. I do get a bit frugal like you so may watch Poshmark or the like for them.. or make sure I see some tried on fit reviews before as you say put my money out there! Loved your post!

    1. So glad you loved the post! I’m trying to decide what to order/try on! The Camilla is definitely a contender.

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