Our Twin Gender Reveal!

In case you’re new here or if you missed it, we recently announced that my husband and Kevin and I are expecting… and it’s twins!  If you’d like the full back-story of the announcement you can check that out here.  Also, if you’re interested in learning about our fertility journey, you can read about that here.

We knew from the beginning that a big gender-reveal party wasn’t really our thing.  I didn’t want to find out the genders of our twins in front of a large group of people… I really wanted Kevin & I to find out together – privately- so we could soak in the moment.  He agreed.  We booked a private gender ultrasound for around 18 or 19 weeks after not being able to find out at our previous ultrasound.

We found out the news, and I cried tears of joy.  I would have never admitted that I had any preference for what we’d get… but we got what was deep-down my dream scenario.

So, we’re really excited to announce that we’ll be adding…


to the Schultz fam! 


Regardless of our desire to find out privately, we didn’t want to miss out on a chance for some fun (and, of course, a good photo op for social media) so we decided to have a mini-gender reveal for my mom who was coming to visit just a few hours after we found out the news ourselves.

My mom has been HEAVILY invested in this pregnancy and has been such a great support system for us.  She was dying to find out the news and we had a great time putting together a special moment for her.

This reaction on her face as she opened the second box and realized she was getting both a grandson AND a granddaughter is something I’ll never forget.


Kevin’s family lives in New York so we weren’t able to have them present at our gender reveal, so we decided to do something else for them.  Kevin put together a huge box and inside there were two smaller boxes… one for Baby A and one for Baby B.  We asked Grandma and Grandpa Schultz to open the packages and hang onto the contents for when we visit.  In one box was a pink pacifier and in the other a blue, along with a card.

We told the rest of our family and friends in a variety of ways… mostly when we saw them in person and/or when it came up in conversation.  I’m not sure if it’s pregnancy brain or if I’m just forgetful but I definitely lost track of who knew and who didn’t… and no one knew if it was still a secret or public knowledge… so to any of my family finding out by reading this post…sorry! Haha.

Anyway, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again and again… the love & support we’ve received from my “blog friends” as I like to call you has been completely overwhelming.   Your sweet comments and messages have added an extra layer of sweetness and fun to what has been one of the most exciting times of our lives.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for being so kind and supportive to me.  I hope I can show you even just a bit of the love in return that you’ve shown to us!

Now that you know that it’s a boy and a girl… I’d love to hear your boy/girl twin name ideas in the comments below!  Let’s hear ’em! 


7 thoughts on “Our Twin Gender Reveal!

    1. I’m so excited! My guess was right😁 Its great bc out a Daddy’s girl and Mama’s Boy!! I love the photos I wanted to see a full on video🤣. As far as names its according if your wanting to blend in certain family members names if so, DM them to me on Instagram and I’ll love finding combos.. My miracle and Rainbow Baby’s named after his dad, his greatgrandad on his dad’s side and his great grandad on my side.. his dad’s name is spelled JEREME, His Great grandad Edison and bible form of his name so Jered was perfect and my WWII veteran grandad middle name was Gunner so of course that’s was his middle name.. “I really wanted as his first but😁”
      So it is Jered Gunner

  1. Congrats you guys! As for names, I think Michael Keith and Kailee Michelle. It takes both your initials for each kiddo!

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