Where to Buy Plus Size Workwear

Maybe I’m weird, but workwear is one of my favorite categories to shop.  Now that I don’t work in an office, I have fewer excuses to buy plus size workwear but I still love a good blazer, dress, or nice pair of slacks.

I know finding the perfect workwear can be difficult for people of all sizes, but it can be even harder when you’re plus size.

Not to mention… even figuring out what is/isn’t acceptable in your workplace can be overwhelming when you’re starting a new job.  In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with “over” dressing.  You know the saying… “dress for the job you want, not the job you have.”

I think it holds some weight.  Not to mention, it’s fun to dress up, especially when your dressy clothes are equally comfy.

Where To Buy Plus Size Workwear

In today’s post, I’m sharing my favorite stores to shop for plus size workwear regardless of whether your office is a bit more casual or full-on boss babe status.

Miranda Schultz of the Plus Life Blog in a fall outdoor scenery wearing plus size workwear from Lane Bryant.

Disclosure:  the links in this post are affiliate links, which means I will make a small commission when you shop using these links at no cost to you.  Affiliate income allows me to provide free content, and I always appreciate your support in using my links when you shop!  

Universal Standard

I list Universal Standard first here because, in my opinion, this brand is synonymous with high quality and stylish workwear.  Universal Standard is one of the most inclusive brands out there right now, and they really shine in the workwear category.  The size range goes from 00-40!

One quick note:  I do sometimes hear complaints about Universal Standard’s price range.  I get that we all have our budgetary constraints, and if you’ve been reading for a while you likely know how frugal I am.  However, I do believe that some items are worth the investment… and Universal Standard pieces are worth it to me.  They are very high-quality pieces that will last a LONG time.  Not to mention, I value the brand’s efforts to be inclusive and focus on providing a size range that virtually no-one else does.

You’ll find a variety of mostly “staples” including simple colors and classic silhouettes in their slacks, dresses, blazers and more.

I especially love the trousers from Universal Standard.  I wore them frequently during my corporate world days.  The exact style I have is no longer available, but these Cigarette pants are similar and will 100% be in my closet next time I need to buy a pair of slacks.

They also have BUTTON-DOWN SHIRTS available up to a size 40.  In my opinion, these are by far the hardest workwear items to find in plus (or at least extended plus over a size 24).

While I’m a pretty consistent size 26/28, I can rarely find button-down shirts that fit my arms in my own size.  At most stores, I can’t size up because I’m at the top of the size range so being able to size up and get a button-down shirt that fits is SO NICE!

Also, if you’re like me and hate tight fitting/non-stretch arms on your tops, they have this jersey knit version of the button-up shirt too!  It’s a bit of a casual take on the look but as you can see in the photos, it looks great dressed up in “true” business looks.  I love buying pieces for work that I could also wear on a weekend, and this is definitely one of those pieces.

Shop the Full Universal Standard Line Here.


Eloquii’s 9-5 Collection is another go-to for workwear, and I’d say it’s the most “fashion-forward” option on the list.  While I own and love pieces from all of the brands I’m sharing… if you’re looking to make a statement in the office, you’ll want to shop Eloquii.

One area where Eloquii really shines in the workwear category is COLOR.  So many plus-size options are limited to black, grey, navy, and if we’re really lucky burgundy.  Eloquii offers workwear options in the boldest colors you’ll want along with the classics we all need. I especially adore the blazers and blouses from Eloquii.  I also love that the pants come in regular, long, and short options for the perfectly tailored look without the tailor.

I’m currently LOSING MY MIND over this polka dot blouse and just can’t publish this post without making sure you boss babes know it exists.  I would ALMOST go back to an office job just to wear this beauty… almost!

I personally own the 9-5 Stretch Blazer and love it… the stretch is nice because you’re free to move around easily and don’t feel restricted.  I often wear this with jeans and a tee on weekends too so it’s a versatile piece.

If you’re looking for something a little bolder, try the double-breasted blazer with a tie waist or even this pink windowpane option.

Click here to shop the entire Eloquii collection in sizes up to 28.

Lane Bryant

Almost every list of where I shop includes Lane Bryant for a reason.  I LOVE the in-store shopping experience and Lane Bryant consistently delivers with stylish, affordable pieces I love.

I wear Lane Bryant’s Ponte knit pants on an almost daily basis during Fall and Winter months.  I like that I can dress them up for a meeting or down the way I’d wear leggings.  They’re thicker and more substantial than leggings (also warmer!) but they are equally as comfy.  I’m embarrassed to say that I have accumulated somewhere around ten pairs of black Ponte pants because I love them so much and fear that if they’re ever discontinued I wouldn’t be able to dress myself again.

Lane Bryant is another great option for blazers, and I am especially fond of their dress styles.  Their dresses tend to be a bit more office-appropriate than most brands as their overall style leans more modest than most.

And while it’s not technically workwear, I’m a believer that great undergarments are key to any great outfit.  Lane Bryant’s Cacique line is a go-to for me, and I highly recommend you check out the comfiest bra I’ve ever worn that’s also somehow extremely supportive.  I also love their shapewear because it’s got a nice amount of compression without being overly restrictive.

Click here to shop the entire Lane Bryant collection in sizes up to 28.


I know I have a lot of big Torrid fans reading this, and I’m a Torrid fan too.  The brand is a bit more trendy and fashion-forward than a lot of plus size brands so I’ll say it’s not at the TOP of my list for classic workwear, but you can always find some great pieces to mix and match into your work wardrobe.

I’m especially a fan of the jeans for casual Friday, some of the great blazer options, and the sweaters and jackets.

I typically stay away from Torrid dresses and skirts for professional looks but you CAN find some gems in these categories too.

Click here to shop the entire Torrid collection in sizes up to 30.


I don’t talk about Avenue a lot, and I’m sad that they’ve closed store locations… however, you can still find a great selection with great deals online.  When I worked in an office, Avenue was a go-to for basics like slacks, blouses, and sweaters.  I’m also a big fan of their denim – super comfy & stretchy!

Avenue goes up to a size 28 with some styles up to a size 32.

Click here to shop the entire Avenue collection. 

Woman Within

I don’t think Woman Within gets the credit it deserves for being such a long time brand that has provided wardrobe options for extended sizes LONG before it became the “cool” thing to do.

Woman Within offers a lot of quality basics at great prices.  They offer great jeans, slacks, and skirts.  They’re also my go-to for winter coats because I love being able to size up.  Some brands offered on the site, including one of my faves – Ellos, offer fashionable pieces that are definitely more than “basics”.

Woman Within is also my go-to for professional shoes!  I love that they offer both wide AND extra wide widths which is really helpful.

If you’re wondering… my absolute favorite/go-to workwear flats are these.  They’re amazing.  Such high quality & one pair lasts FOREVER.

Many Woman Within styles are available in sizes up to a 40.

Click here to shop the entire Woman Within collection.


Last on the list, but definitely not least, is Eshakti!  The reason Eshakti is a perfect option for plus size workwear is that not only do they offer a TON of different styles (I’m a big fan of their dresses)… they also offer CUSTOM SIZING at a good price!

Because we are all so unique, even the best plus size shops don’t always offer the perfect fit.  Eshakti can!

I tried my first Eshakti custom piece earlier this year, and am HOOKED!

There are just some classic workwear pieces that I struggle to buy off the rack due to my body’s proportions not fitting traditional size charts.  For example, I struggle to find non-stretch blouses that fit because I have a combination of a smaller bust size and larger arms.  If I buy something to fit my arms, it’s too loose on my chest and vice versa.

I’m able to order non-stretch dresses and tops in custom sizing through Eshakti that fit perfectly everywhere!

A few wardrobe staples I recommend you consider ordering custom:

Where to buy plus size workwear.png

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