Monthly Faves – February

HELLO MARCH!!!!!  I always get so excited when March rolls around because Spring is the best!  I am so excited for all things Spring fashion, Spring cleaning, and SPRING BREAK!  I’m so inspired right now and my mind is racing with all of the things I want to share with you – so many ideas, so little time! Haha.

I’ve been brainstorming the best ways to share all of the things I’m loving with you and how I can organize it in a way that is most beneficial.  I’ve spent a lot of time sharing things I’m loving on IG stories and LOVE the conversations we all have via DM when I do.  On the other hand, when content disappears after 24 hours and the good discussions are happening one on one, not everyone benefits.

I’ve decided to start sharing a monthly roundup of all my favorite goodies I’m loving on the blog.   I’ll share all things fashion and beauty as always, but also home decor, business stuff, entertainment and more.  Don’t worry – the IG stories and our awesome convos will continue, but I’m excited to organize my thoughts here and hopefully spark conversations publicly so everyone benefits!

I hope you enjoy it!  Let’s dive into my first ever monthly faves roundup!  Here’s everything I was loving the most in February!

Monthly Favorites – February 2019 – Best of Plus Size Fashion, Beauty, Home and Lifestyle

Monthly favorites in plus size fashion, beauty, home and lifestyle from The Plus Life Blog

Disclaimer:  Please note that some links on this blog including are affiliate links.  I will receive a small percentage when you purchase items using these links.  These earnings are used to help offset the costs of maintaining the blog and creating content for you.  I appreciate your support in utilizing these links when you purchase items I recommend! 

Plus Size Fashion Favorites

Girlfriend Jeans

I struggle to find comfortable jeans, but I was part of a Woman Within photoshoot in February and was able to try an incredible pair that felt comfortable with all day wear. With a waist that is much smaller than my butt and hips, I often deal with pants sliding down throughout the day.  With these, I didn’t have to constantly tug them so they’d stay up!  They’re thick, high-quality denim and have a nice, relaxed fit.  The regular length is a little long on me, so if you’re short I recommend the petite option!  These fit true to size, but if you’re between sizes I would go up for a relaxed girlfriend fit! Available in sizes 12-34.


Those of you who follow me closely on Instagram are probably sick of hearing about my favorite pajamas by now but there’s no way I was leaving them out of my February Faves!  I already wrote a full blog post about them because they’re that good, but they deserve a spot here too.  I’ve ALWAYS wanted a set like this and have never found ones that I love so much.  I’m so happy to have found them & want you to experience the luxurious feel of such classic pajamas too.  If I have to beg you to buy a pair, I will.  Let’s be twins, K? Available in sizes 14-40.

Crescent Moon Necklace

I got this necklace from a few months ago.  I rarely wear necklaces but for some reason, this one spoke to me and it’s been in regular rotation since I got it.  I’m not typically to overanalyze the meaning or symbolism behind things but I did recently read that crescent moons are symbols of fertility.  As many of you know, I’ve opened up about our fertility struggles recently so this necklace has become even more special to me.  It looks good with pretty much anything and can be dressed up or down.

Necklace Extender

Often, plus size women struggle with short necklaces not fitting properly.  I hate it when necklaces feel tight on my neck, and when I ordered the crescent moon necklace I knew it was going to be too short for my taste.  I also ordered these necklace extenders on Amazon and they’ve changed the game for me with all of my necklaces.  I love that I can rotate them and use different lengths with different necklaces to customize the length for my needs.


Beauty Favorites

Eyelash Extensions

I got eyelash extensions recently and am LOVING them right now!  I’ve had them before but it had been a couple of years.  I typically am hesitant to commit to new beauty routines because I hate spending a ton of time and money to maintain a look.  This time, I found a local lash studio near me that offers pretty great rates.  They had a February deal so I went for it.  As someone who is constantly taking photos and showing up on Instagram stories with no makeup, it is nice to have the lashes which make me feel more put together even when I’m not glammed up.  I’ve had a great experience with my lashes so far!  Let me know if you’d like a full post with what you should know about lash extensions.

Eyebrow Gel

This month I was fortunate enough to take part in an awesome photoshoot with Woman Within where we were treated to hair and makeup by incredible artists.  When I say incredible, I mean… one of the makeup artists has toured with MARIAH CAREYYYY!!!  When you’re fortunate enough to be in a situation like this, you have to ask 1,000 questions about every single product she puts on your face.  I’m typically a brow pencil kind of gal but loved the natural look of the eyebrow gel she used.  The shade she used on me is Supermodel – which felt appropriate given that she was making me FEEL like a supermodel by even having me in her chair!

Radiant Creamy Concealer

Another product the incredible makeup artist used on me was Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer (in Ginger).  I’ve been a Shape Tape gal since it launched, but I’ve always heard great things about this Nars product.  The Shape Tape can be a bit drying so I was intrigued by a creamy option.   I loved the look and will definitely be purchasing this for myself when it’s time to replace my concealer again.

Glycolic Resurfacing Gel

The team at Tula was kind enough to send me a few products to try a few months ago.  I have been consistently using the products for almost three months because I wanted to be sure I was obsessed before I shared them with you.  While I do love all the products I received, I believe the one that made the biggest difference in my skin was the Glycolic Resurfacing Gel.  I’ve been dealing with a lot of texture on my skin and dryness.  My forehead was especially bad.  This resurfacing gel has improved the texture of my skin drastically – it’s so much smoother and softer than before.  I highly recommend it!


Boss Babe Favorites

Emily Ley Simplified Planner

I would die without my planner.  I legitimately cannot keep up with life without it.  There are so many deadlines and follow-ups required as a blogger, and I couldn’t function without a written record of everything I have going on. With Emily Ley’s Simplified planners, once they’re gone they’re gone.  Right now they only have a couple of styles left for 2019 so you might want to jump on them if you still need a planner!

Sharpie Pens

Hello!  I’m Miranda and I’m an office supply nerd.  I love a good ink pen and I’ve been changing it up lately and trying different ones.  I randomly came across Sharpie pens and had a flashback to using them when I was younger in my planners at school.  I loved them.  Apparently, the ink/formula is new and improved so I decided to get a pack.  I’m IN LOVE!

Deep Focus Spotify Playlist

I struggle with focus sometimes and can be pretty easily distracted.  I find that when I have work that requires deep focus, listening to music designed to support focus is SO helpful.  I’ve been loving the Deep Focus Spotify Playlist.


Home Favorites

Coffee Table Books

I spent some time with a dear friend in February and got to see her beautiful home for the first time.  I loved that her home was a true representation of her personality and everything she owned has a story.  I was particularly drawn to her collection of coffee table books and how beautifully styled her coffee table was.  I’m inspired now to start a small collection of my own.

Asher Medallion Duvet Cover

I’ve been obsessed with this duvet cover forEVER!  I found a similar version in a comforter and bought it but the quality isn’t as high as this Pottery Barn version.  The color is so on trend right now and the pattern is classic and beautiful. Blue is SO in, and I couldn’t be happier about that!


Lifestyle Favorites

Grocery Store Flowers

I LOVE fresh flowers and having them in my home makes me SO happy.  I don’t love the idea of shelling out a ton of money on fancy bouquets from florists on a regular basis, though.  Kevin and I have had a tradition for years of getting grocery store flowers.  I enjoy arranging them myself and for $10-$15 you can have a beautiful arrangement! I’ve been loving hydrangeas lately, so Kevin got me those for Valentine’s Day and he surprised me with some colorful daisies after I accomplished some things I had been DREADING for a long time.

This link is for Walmart Grocery pickup.  If you use my link when placing your first order, you’ll get $10 off! That’s enough for some gorgeous flowers to brighten up your home!

Sheet Pan Fajitas

I’m EXTREMELY bored in the kitchen right now, so I’ve been trying to change things up.  Fajitas are an old favorite but I hate the mess they make on my stove when I make skillet fajitas.  I’ve decided to try to incorporate more simple meals using sheet pans, slow cookers, etc. so that cooking doesn’t feel like such a chore.

I don’t really follow recipes when I cook, but the one linked above is pretty close to what I do for mine!

If you want to see the easy recipes people suggested I try on Instagram, check out my Recipes story highlight on my page.  You can find my Instagram here.

Schitt’s Creek

This show is incredible!  It’s a Canadian show that got popular in the US once the first few seasons were on Netflix.  If you need something to binge watch, go for this one!  Hold tight through season one if you’re not 100% into it… you’ll grow to love these characters and it gets better and better.  We’re actually re-watching it now and it’s even better the second time!

I hope you enjoyed my first ever monthly faves post!  Please let me know in the comments if you’d like to see this as an ongoing series!  Also, let me know… what are you loving this month? Have you tried any of the products I’m sharing here? 



18 thoughts on “Monthly Faves – February

  1. I have a robe from Dreams & Co. I ordered up from what they suggested, which I felt was a good decision – I want my robes roomy. I haven’t tried their pajamas, though…I might, but I have a lot of loungewear (including some of this style PJ’s from ASOS – their 24 is pretty roomy. I wear a 26 in Torrid jeans and the pants are just about right – loose but they don’t fall off – and you’re smaller on top, so that wouldn’t be an issue. The one caveat is that the all-modal ones wrinkle like crazy, but they’re cool to sleep in. As a perimenopausal woman with a significant other who WON’T LEAVE THE DAMN THERMOSTAT ALONE this is relevant to my interests, lol.

    I haven’t tried much else, especially beauty products lately, because I have been uber lazy. It’s funny, when I was younger and probably didn’t need makeup, I was full face every day, and now that it might be helpful, I just DGAF. Eyeliner, mascara, lipstick. (I use primer & a little powder before the liner. Primer NYX Proof It, powder whatever’s handy, eyeliner almost always Urban Decay. I’ll cheap out on other stuff but you can pry my eyeliner from my cold dead hands.)

    I like this feature – it’s always fun to see what other people like.

    1. You always leave the best, most thoughtful comments! Thank you! I have been looking at the robes – but that’s next on my list! Glad you like the feature – I’m excited to share more!

  2. Oh I feel exactly the same about my planner! Cannot live without it! I will have to check that one out. Even when I find one I love I am always wondering what else is out there. 😀

    1. Same! The Simplified Planner is the first one I’ve stuck with for multiple years! Haha.

  3. Which jeans from Woman Within are you talking about? I have trouble finding a great pair of jeans and I need help please!

  4. Okay, I want the link to the lashes. I tend to have light features and I’d love a pop in the eyes… wait, that didn’t sound right!

    1. I think you’d love them! Especially with all the upcoming wedding festivities! That’s when I got mine for the first time!

  5. Haha omg Schitt’s Creek is so funny and we just finished the last season last night!😩 Love the Nars Radiant concealer as well!! Can’t go wrong with grocery store flowers either!🙌🏻

  6. You mentioned a TON of my favorite things as well including the planner, the focus spotify playlist, eyebrow gel…I could go on!! Great list!

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