The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide For Women in 2018!

Did you catch the announcement that The Plus Life will be participating in BLOGMAS by providing a TON of awesome holiday-inspired content throughout the month of December? Well, it’s true… and here we are again for part two in the series!

Check out the first post here to read about 15 awesome holiday traditions you could start this year!

Today’s post is the next in the Blogmas series, and it’s been extra fun to prepare for you!  I have a few special gift guides coming your way as part of the series, but I thought it would be fun to start with a roundup of the exact items I PERSONALLY would love to receive this year for Christmas.  I don’t currently own any of the items on this list but they’re all things I’ve been considering purchasing or hinting about to my family.

Real talk, this is a LONG list.  I have absolutely zero expectations of receiving all or even most of these items.  I’ll narrow this down to a few of the things I want the most and share it with the people who’ll be shopping for me.  Hi, Mom! Hi, Kevin!

Disclaimer:  Please note that some links on this blog including are affiliate links.  I will receive a small percentage when you purchase items using these links.  These earnings are used to help offset the costs of maintaining the blog and creating content for you.  I appreciate your support in utilizing these links when you purchase items I recommend!


So, you may be asking yourself… why in the world should I care about what this chick wants for Christmas??  The answer to that is… we have a lot in common, my friend!  I’m 100% sure we like a lot of the same things.  I’m sharing my list to inspire you to think of what YOU could ask for this year.  For real, send me your husband’s email address and I’ll send him this post…haha.

I also hope that it can help spark some ideas of gifts you could give to your favorite sister, cousin, aunt, friend, etc. etc.

I’ve included some lower cost items and a few larger ticket ones so hopefully, there’s something for every budget!

Here we go….



Books are an awesome gift to give or receive!  I have a lot of cookbooks (although I don’t follow recipes when I cook… I do like them for inspiration), and since we’ve recently bought a home, the home decor and organizational books would be really helpful.

I also included the Five Minute Journal because Kevin received a copy of it at a conference, and I love the concept!  Every night in bed, we think of the three things we’re most grateful for from the day.  This book is basically that in written form plus some other cool features.



These are all products I’ve been interested in trying although I haven’t gotten around to it.  The hairdryer is definitely pricey, but I’ve heard so many great things about how much it reduces the dry time that I included it on the list anyway.  I do love my Dyson vacuum cleaner, so I’m sure I would be equally impressed with this.

I always like to try new makeup products in the wintertime, and think they make a great stocking stuffer.  I really want to try the Shape Tape Hydrating Foundation for dry winter skin.  I LOVE the Benefit Quickie Contour stick but believe it or not have never tried the popular bronzer, so I added it too.



Given that we’re new homeowners, household items are what we need the most.   We’re slowly but surely decorating our house and adding to our kitchen tools because we love to cook at home.  I think out of everything on my list, these are the items I’d love the most.

Also, the Barefoot Dreams blanket was 100% inspired by the Kardashians.  They always use them, and they look like the coziest blankets ever.  I would be hesitant to spend that much money on a throw blanket but apparently, the quality is top-notch.



Quality time with family and friends is the best part of the holidays… Getting fun, family-friendly games as a gift is a great way to provide entertainment to the crew after the gifts are opened and the cookies are eaten.

I also added the blessings jar because I’d like to be able to look back on the blessings we discuss each day.


Accessories & Jewelry:

This post intentionally excluded clothing because I have a TON of fashion content coming your way.  I couldn’t leave out the accessories, though!  You just can’t beat accessories for a holiday gift!  The scarf is so luxe, with the most stunning neutral color and both jewelry pieces are ones I could see myself wearing over and over again.

Gifts are fun, but more than anything I love to share experiences as gifts.  If in doubt, consider giving your favorite couple a date night (dinner and a movie gift cards with a promise to babysit kiddos if they have them), tickets to an event or show, a staycation or a weekend road trip, etc.  You can’t go wrong with quality time!

I’m curious……

I’d LOVE to hear your holiday wish-list!  What are you asking for this year?? Comment below and let me know!


10 thoughts on “The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide For Women in 2018!

  1. I need a new fry pan because my old one is in such bad shape. Le Creuset is always on my list- I have a few pieces but would love a canister set from them or another pot 😍 Spendy but will last your WHOLE LIFE!

    1. They are so expensive but so lovely!! I only have one piece but agree that’s an awesome gift idea!

    1. I bet! I love my crockpot for busy times but I think the instant pot will be awesome!

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