Top Ten Best Makeup Products Of The Year

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Do you feel like you always run out of ALL your favorite products at the same time? It always seems to happen that way for me.  Recently, I ran out of mascara, concealer, AND my favorite contour all within the same week.

Flat Lay With Makeup ProductsAs someone who has always chased after the next big thing with makeup, I’ve noticed that lately I have settled in to buying my go-to makeup products over and over.  I still LOVE trying new things. Just ask Kevin…  He was waiting in the car while I went into Ulta last week, and I’m not even sure how long I left him waiting.  Oops!

There’s just something really special about having your own signature look instead of always chasing the next big trend.  Right now, I really love minimal eyeshadow (mostly because I’m not great at applying it and have hooded lids) with lots of mascara, a bronzy contoured face with rosy cheeks and fun gloss.

I’m no makeup artist but I do have fun with it and a TON of you have asked me for a list of my go-to products.

Without further ado, check out my top ten favorite makeup products from 2018!

No makeup selfie of Miranda Schultz of The Plus Life Blog
No makeup selfie – prior to applying top 10 favorite products.  Wearing only moisturizer.

Top Ten Makeup Products of 2018

Selfie Of Miranda Schultz Of The Plus Life Blog Wearing Top 10 Favorite Makeup Products of 2018
After selfie!  Wearing all 10 products mentioned.  Quickly applied during an Instagram Live Video!  Follow me here.

Bonus! Favorite Makeup Applicators

Of course you can’t apply a flawless face without awesome brushes.  Check out my favorite affordable options here:

Do you use any of these products?? What are your every day must-haves? Anything I should try?  Please let me know in the comments!




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    1. Yessss!!! You win! Thanks for watching the live! Sending you a DM now with info about your prize. ❤️

    1. The contour is one of my favorite makeup products I’ve ever used. I know that’s a bold statement but I think it has changed my “look” for the better more than anything else!! Please please please report back and let me know how you like it! ❤️

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