How You Can Get the Best Sleep Ever: A Big Fig Mattress Review

Disclosure:  I received a bed from Big Fig at no cost in order to review it for you on the blog.  Links in this post are affiliate links, and you can read my disclosures here.  As always, integrity is my number one priority and all opinions are my own.  

I’m not really sure why, but I’ve never been a great sleeper. I struggle to fall asleep. I toss and turn. I wake up achy. There are many days that I wake up tired even after 8+ hours in bed.  My dad still tells stories about how I used to kick, roll and flail when I slept as a child.

As I got older I’d occasionally turn to Nyquil, melatonin, or other sleep aids when things got really bad.  While they would help improve my sleep on the nights I used them, nothing really solved my problems long term.

I accepted fatigue and bad sleep as my reality, but since I made one big recent change, I’ve gotten the best sleep of my life.  I’m excited to share my story with you because I believe that the change I made in upgrading to a Big Fig Mattress changed my life forever.

You can check out all the specifics about the mattress here and use my code PLUSLIFEBLOG to get the best deal available right now! 

Miranda Schultz of The Plus Life and Husband Kevin on their Big Fig Mattress

My Personal Mattress Dilemma

My husband, Kevin, and I bought a house and moved into it back in May 2018.  After years of small apartment living, we were so excited to finally have a guest room for out of town visitors. We decided to use our Queen bed in our new guest room and treat ourselves to our first ever King bed.

Admittedly, when we began evaluating mattress options, I already had heard of Big Fig mattresses but I was hesitant to buy a mattress I had never tried online.  I had always tried tons of mattresses in a store before buying in the past, and I did the same thing again this time.

Kevin and I went to every mattress store in our town to look for the best deals.  We had just spent a huge chunk of our savings on a down payment on the house, so we wanted something that would be good quality but we also needed to find a great deal.

At one mattress shop, they had a fancy setup that allowed us to lie down on a mattress that had sensors inside it so we could find out which mattresses were best suited for our body types and needs.

Kevin is 6’5″ and around 185 pounds.  I’m over a foot shorter and am also larger.  We weren’t surprised to learn from the test that we had pretty different needs in a mattress.  The only ones they had in the store that would work for both of us would be five or six THOUSAND dollars.  NO WAY.

We went to a different mattress shop and bought one for much less money.  After a few nights, we knew we had made the wrong choice.  I woke up with more aches and pains than ever and the mattress was so poorly made that it was pulling apart after only a few nights.

We regretted the decision to buy the mattress but soon learned that the fine print of our contract meant we would pay hefty restocking fees and return shipping if we wanted to return it.

Coincidentally, a few weeks into our mattress regret, the team at Big Fig reached out to me about reviewing one of their mattresses here on the blog.

I enthusiastically agreed and it has been SUCH a game changer for me that I’ve been dying to write this post for you.

Long story short…..I’m keeping my Big Fig and never turning back!


About My Big Fig Shopping Experience

Picking out the Mattress

The Big Fig website keeps things simple.  There aren’t 100 different options to choose from.  They created one awesome bed that works for bigger figures and offer it in a variety of sizes and two foundation heights.

They completely eliminate the overwhelm factor in mattress shopping with this simplicity.

I chose the King size mattress with the standard 5″ height foundation and frame.


First Impressions of our Big Fig mattress

I was on my way out of town after the delivery team left, so I was TORTURED to not be able to sleep on my new mattress the night it arrived.  I tried to convince my husband to sleep in the guest room while I was away because I was so jealous he’d get to try the bed before I did.

Of course…He refused, but I was so excited to finally get home and try it out for myself!

As I mentioned, I usually wake up several times throughout the night.  One of the most impressive immediate changes was that I no longer wake up.  I have also stopped tossing and turning at night.  Now, I wake up in the same position I was in when I fell asleep and my sheets and blankets aren’t twisted and tangled.

As someone who has never slept well in her life, I could tell an immediate difference in not only the amount of sleep I was getting but the quality of my sleep too.  I have started waking up feeling well-rested.  I have more energy throughout the day and don’t hit the snooze button 10 times.

The mattress is definitely firm (which is what I prefer), but also soft.  It’s hard to describe but we both feel very supported but also cozy and comfortable at the same time thanks to the incredible technology.

The other immediate benefit we noticed is that when either of us moves, the other doesn’t feel it.  When I used to toss and turn all night in bed, Kevin would wake up too because of all the motion.  Now, if I do wake up before him he doesn’t even know that I’ve moved.

Update:  A Review One Year Later

Now that we are over a year into sleeping on the bed, I STILL don’t have any issues waking up, and I’m never stiff and sore from sleeping in weird positions.

This mattress also looks exactly the way it did the day it arrived.  There is no pilling on the fabric and it’s not bunching up or showing any signs of wear.

I can’t prove that this is directly related, but my general mood has also improved in the year I’ve owned this mattress.  I believe the quality of my sleep has impacted my overall wellbeing.

I’m convinced that this mattress will last for years to come, and I will keep you updated on how it lasts for us, of course.


My Husband’s Thoughts

Kevin has always preferred a soft mattress whereas I need something firm for support.  This preference/need was confirmed when we did the fancy mattress test at the mattress store and was why only the most expensive mattresses that could be customized were recommended for us.

The Big Fig mattresses are made with larger people in mind.  Kevin is tall but is also very thin, so  I was concerned about whether the mattress would be good for him.  The Big Fig team assured me that many smaller people also love the bed too and they were right.

The first night he slept on it, he loved it.  He echoes my sentiments and says that he’s sleeping better now than he ever has.  He especially loves that when I move or get up, he can’t feel it and isn’t disturbed.


My Recommendation

If I could shout about Big Fig mattresses from the rooftops, I would.  Unfortunately, I’m terrified of heights so I’ll stick to shouting here.

If you or your partner are larger and are looking for comfort along with extra support, I believe your life will be forever changed by this mattress.  If I read a review from someone calling a mattress life-changing, I would likely be rolling my eyes.  But it really is true. I have never slept better in my life and I just want that for you too.

It’s Risk-Free!  Big Fig Offers a 120-Night Trial!

Maybe you’re like me and hesitant about buying a mattress online.  Trust me, I get it.  So does Big Fig.  They offer a 120-night trial so you can be sure this is the mattress for you before committing.  That’s way better than the 5 minutes you would spend in a store trying a mattress before buying.  My favorite part about the 120-night trial is that there are no restocking fees or return shipping fees.  I learned the hard way with my last mattress that mattress stores DO charge for return shipping and restocking fees, so this is a major benefit of trying Big Fig.  This incredible trial and hassle-free return policy allow you to be 100% sure it’s the mattress for you before you commit to keeping it. 

It’s a Great Investment – Both Financially and Into Your Well-Being

Maybe you’re like me and want to spend as little as possible on a mattress due to other financial priorities. I get it.  I tried that, and I regretted it.  I’ve since realized that the benefit of having a mattress that is perfect for me is worth the investment.  I also had wrongly assumed that Big Fig mattresses would be out of my price range.  The mattress I got from Big Fig is only slightly more expensive than the “bargain brand” I tried before, but the quality is on such a different level that it doesn’t even compare.

Also, keep in mind that good mattresses last for years and we spend 1/3 of our lives in bed.  It’s important!  The Big Fig mattress even comes with a 20-year warranty, so it’s going to last a LONG time.  Given that I can count on my Big Fig for 20 years and my last mattress lasted 2 months… the extra couple hundred dollars is WELL worth it!

Consider your mattress as an investment in your well-being.  If you need a mattress and can fit this into your budget, do it!  These mattresses are very competitively priced and the value is astounding.  Of course, you can find a cheap mattress out there like I did, but having a mattress MADE for your body is incredible.  Also, Big Fig offers competitive interest rates and 36-month financing if making monthly payments is better for your budget.

Finally,  I encourage you to check out the Big Fig Mattress website for yourself to learn about all of the incredible thought and care that was put into creating this mattress.  Again, you can use my code PLUSLIFEBLOG for a great discount.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question:  Now that you’ve had your mattress for a while, is it sagging in the middle or on the sides?

Answer:  Nope!  The mattress looks EXACTLY the way it did the day it arrived.  There’s no sagging and even the fabric on top is in perfect condition – no pilling, pulling, or shifting, etc.

Question:  Do I need to buy the Big Fig frame or can I use my own?

Answer:  You don’t HAVE to use the Big Fig frame, I suppose, but I highly recommend it.  They’re designed to work perfectly together and a sturdy frame helps ensure the longevity of the mattress.  I’ve NEVER heard a pop/crack/squeak from our frame in the year we’ve owned it and feel fully secure and supported.

Question:  Do you “sleep hot” with the Big Fig?

Answer:  Not at all!  The mattress is made with ThermoGel Cooling Technology & Perforated, Gel-Infused Foam.  I have always gotten hot when sleeping and have noticed that I don’t at all with this mattress.

Question:  I prefer a soft mattress, and you say this one is on the firm side.  Will I still like it?

Answer:  While I’ve always preferred a firm mattress (because I need the support), this mattress is firm in a different way than others I’ve had.  It’s supportive but not hard.  My husband loves soft/squishy mattresses and LOVES the Big Fig.  We both find it hard to describe the way it feels, but everyone I’ve spoken to who loves softer mattresses ends up loving this one – although it does sometimes take a night or two to adjust.

Because it’s so hard for me to describe the firmness/softness of the bed, I’ll use the explanation from Big Fig about its long-lasting, hybrid construction:

“Traditional mattresses have inferior components that soften over time as the materials break down. For plus-size sleepers, the firmness and comfort level of the mattress can diminish within just a few months of use.

The Big Fig’s hybrid construction of high-quality pockets springs and foam provides the ultimate mix of support and comfort. Individually wrapped coils support the layers of foam to maintain their shape and resilience over time.”

A Question For You:

Do you struggle with sleep? How do you overcome those struggles?

As always, you’re welcome to comment or contact me with any questions you have.  I’d be happy to answer any specific questions about the mattress or my experience!

Miranda and Kevin Schultz of The Plus Life wearing pajamas on Big Fig Mattress

You can check out all the specifics about the mattress here and use my code PLUSLIFEBLOG to get the best deal available right now! 


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  1. This is on my wish list. Our mattress is on its last leg. Cant wait to get it. I cant imagine sleeping through the night and not tossing and turning?! Thanks for the review

      1. Do you still like the Big Fig? How about your husband? My wife is much smaller than me, and this is on the top of our list. Thanks in advance!

      2. I am still absolutely obsessed! Funny timing of this comment because I slept in the guest room last night because my husband was feeling sick and it was so miserable. I missed my Big Fig so much. And he loves it too!

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