The Best Way To Get New Panties – Delivered To Your Door

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Not sure about you, but I LOVE a good subscription service!  I’ve tried them for clothing, jewelry, makeup, groceries, and pretty much anything else I can find.

It is SO exciting to get new goodies delivered to your door – such a special treat!

Just when I thought I’d tried (and loved) every type of subscription service out there, I discovered Panty Drop, a subscription service for panties.  First, how AWESOME is “Panty Drop” as a business name for a panty subscription service? SERIOUSLY! Branding genius.  I knew I wanted in based on the name alone!

Miranda Schultz of The Plus Life Blog opens her front door to find an unmarked package on her doorstep.
We had guests in town the day my first box arrived from Panty Drop. When the doorbell rang, I RAN to the door to make sure no one else saw what I got! LOL. Thankfully, the packaging is very discreet and no one knew what was inside!

About Panty Drop

Excellent Size Range:

Panty Drop pieces come in a wide variety of sizes from XS – 6X.  Size inclusivity for the win!

Curated Styles:

There are a variety of cuts and fabrics to choose from, so there’s something for everyone!  You can choose from lace, cotton and performance fabric and thong, bikini or boyshort styles!

Risk Free Guarantee:

Shipping and returns are free on all orders and you can cancel at any time.

IMG_0597 (1)

A COOL Mission:

It’s always nice to support businesses with excellent products and service, but it’s even more rewarding to support those with important missions.  Panty Drop’s mission really spoke to me and it makes me feel even better about supporting the brand.

Their mission is “Inspiring women from the bottoms up.”

Again, branding genius.

But, behind (no pun intended… LOL) the cute mission statement, is a really powerful message.  Through its 1-1-1 program, Panty Drop helps close the gender leadership gap.

They give 1% of their products, 1% of their sales and 1% of their employees’ time to causes which help underrepresented women find skills, opportunities and confidence to succeed.

Seriously, incredible!

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How it Works

The whole process with Panty Drop is easy and convenient.

Choose Your Plan

They offer both a basic and premium box.  The basic box includes brands like Honeydew Intimates and White Rabbit and the premium box includes brands like Commando, CosaBella and Hanky Panky.

Select Your Size

The size chart on the site is VERY helpful since every brand sizing is different.  I recommend going by your measurements when reviewing the chart.  I  typically am a 28 in most clothes which would be a 4X on the size chart, but based on measurements I chose to go with a 5X and they were perfect.


Select Styles & Fabrics you’d like to receive

I have worn the same panty style and fabric for the past 15 years.  I consciously chose to include all cuts and styles in my subscription because I was ready to try new things.  It’s been SO fun trying new options and I’m seriously considering throwing out all my old “go-to’s” because the styles I’ve been trying are SO much more comfortable and they’re cute too.

With that said, you can choose as many or as few styles to include in your boxes as you’d like.  If you’re only into one type of fabric and style, that’s totally fine!


Enter Your Info

Enter your billing and shipping info & you’re done!  Seriously, SO easy.  Way easier than getting in the car and driving to the store and DEFINITELY easier than remembering to buy new ones every couple of months.

It’s so easy and such a fun way to keep things interesting! Let me know in the comments… what’s your favorite style of underwear? Do you change it up or always stick to the same thing?

In summary, I’m just really thrilled that a size inclusive service like this exists. The mission, the service and the product are all pretty amazing and I’ve had so much fun trying it out. My first Panty Drop box definitely won’t be my last.

Surprise!! A giveaway!

I’m partnering with Panty Drop to give away a box of their panties to one reader! Check out my Instagram post for all the details and bonus entry opportunities!

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If you just can’t wait to try the service, you can get 35% off your first order using my code PLUSLIFE35!

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  1. I am terrible at following directions lol. IG: Original_jenn
    I love anything that is comfortable cute and sexy.

  2. Oh wow this looks super cute. I love the branding also and the fact that they’re considering our market. Might have to try this! And def going to use your code.

    1. It really is awesome branding! I loved the whole experience! Let me know what you think if you try it! 💕

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