Entertaining Tips: Checklist for Hosting Out of Town Guests

As many of you already know, Kevin and I recently purchased our first home.  After seven years of one bedroom apartments, we are SO excited to be able to host out of town guests for extended periods of time!

His family is coming down to visit from New York next week, and it’s been so fun preparing for their visit.  Of course, given that we’ve just moved in we had a lot more projects than normal when preparing for houseguests but I thought it would be fun to share my MUST HAVES for hosting out of town guests.



Download PDF checklist here!

I also made a fun WIFI password printable to put in our guest rooms and living room during their stay.  It’s formatted to be printed in 5×7!  Enjoy!

All You Need Is Love and Wifi - Wifi Password Printable



18 thoughts on “Entertaining Tips: Checklist for Hosting Out of Town Guests

    1. So fun that they visit often! I hope we have lots of guests too now that we have space. Glad it was helpful!

  1. I love the checklist and the WiFi pass tab! Will take out that dreaded 10 seconds when someone asks for your WiFi and you can’t seem to remember it

  2. The wifi password is so smart! I always feel rude asking people when I’m staying at their house.

  3. Love, love, love! I’m in the planning stages of buying my first house, and I too plan on hosting friends and family, so having something like this handy would be a great idea (that I wouldn’t have thought of on my own)

  4. We bought a house about 1.5 years ago and I love hosting guests!! We also use a dog sitter that stays in our home when we go out of town, so we have a chalkboard in the kitchen with the wifi deets, since that’s so important lol!

    1. I love the chalkboard idea too! Sooo important to have that info. I’m sure you are an excellent hostess! And of course your list of local activities in Kentucky for guests could not be beaten!

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