Top 10 Wreaths for Spring on Amazon

After what seemed like 17 months of winter, we’re FINALLY seeing some gorgeous spring temperatures in Kentucky!  We’ll be in the 70’s next week, and I am excited to have my adorable spring wreath on the door!

An awesome wreath and door mat are key to creating a welcoming first impression for your guests.  Mine was a gift from my mom – AKA she had it on her door, I loved it and she gave it to me.  Her generous gift inspired me to share my top 10 favorite wreaths with you below.  The best part is that they’re ALL from Amazon, so you don’t even need to leave home to get your favorite!

Top 10 Favorite Spring Wreaths:

1.  17″ Lavender Wreath

This is very similar to the one I have on my front door right now.  I love the lavender to add a fun pop of color!

2.  17″ Real Boxwood Wreath

You really can’t beat a classic boxwood wreath.  This one is REAL and has been preserved.  It just screams sophistication and elegance to me.

3.  15″ Green Leaf Wreath

This green leaf wreath has a similar vibe to the one above but is a tiny bit smaller at 15″ and comes with the bow!  It’s also a little more budget friendly.

4.  19″ Coral Tulip Wreath

Nothing says spring like a tulip!  My mom has always been obsessed with tulips & I remember always being so excited when the tulips would finally bloom each year after a long winter when I was growing up.  This coral version has such a lovely feminine vibe.

5.  19″ Yellow & White Tulip Wreath

If coral isn’t your thing, this yellow version of the tulip wreath will brighten up your home’s exterior.  Helloooo, sunshine!

6.  22″ Yellow Forsythia Wreath

I love the wild/imperfect shape of this Forsythia wreath!  At 22 inches it will really make a statement.

7.  24″ Peony Wreath

Peonies are the most perfect flower on earth, in my humble opinion.  They’re just gorgeous.  I used peonies as part of my wedding bouquet and jump at the chance to use them in my home at any chance I get.

8.  24″ Floral Wreath

I just love this wreath.  I love the dainty little flowers and variety of colors.  Again, I love the imperfect shape here too.

9.  20″ Orchid & Succulent Wreath

Succulents are glorious and so are orchids.  The purple shade reminds me of a tropical oasis, and I’d love being greeted by this beauty every time I come home.


10.  Hello Wood Sign

Okayyyyy, OK… I know this isn’t a wreath.  BUT, I just love the idea of attaching this cute little wooden “Hello” sign to any simple wreath for an added dose of southern hospitality!  You can leave this in the natural wood as shown or paint it to add a fun pop of color.


Let me know which of these is your fave in the comments!


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