Help Me Support Campaign Zero

Let me start this post by saying what I wholeheartedly believe. BLACK LIVES MATTER. They do.

I’m not going to use this post to make anything about my own heartbreak over what is happening to our black neighbors. It’s not about me or us (meaning white women… which is the majority of my audience)… it’s about them.

There have been incredible resources shared on social media, and I encourage everyone to dig in and learn. Even those of us who are anti-racist or consider ourselves allies have a lot more learning and growing that we can do. I know I do at least.

Many people have recommended the books White Fragility and Me and White Supremacy to me… both of which are currently free on Amazon at the time of publication. I hope you’ll join me in reading them.

Yesterday, I spent the day reflecting on all that is happening in our country and thinking of ways I can put my money where my mouth is, so to speak, and do something tangible to stand with my black friends fighting injustice.  I’ve decided that for the month of June, in addition to my family’s personal donation, I’m going to donate 100% of my blog’s affiliate income to Campaign Zero.

Father’s Day Gift Guide 2020

I don’t know about you, but I think finding gifts for men can be extremely difficult… so I’ve rounded up a list of GREAT Father’s Day gift ideas for any dad in your life!  I polled all of the incredible women in The Plus Life Community, our private Facebook group, and many of these ideas came from there!

Where to Shop For Plus Size Clothing

One of the most common questions I get asked is, “where can I find cute plus size clothes?!” and wow are there so many great options these days.  This is the list of my personal favorite places to shop for plus size clothes.

Sizing note:  I’m a size 26/28 in most items so I have included mostly stores on the list that include that size range; however, there are a few brands included that don’t TECHNICALLY make that size but they offer pieces that are sized generously and work for me.

Where to find plus size clothes online

Disclosure: These are affiliate links and I earn a small commission when you use those links to shop at no cost to you. The earnings help me with the operating costs of the blog, and I appreciate your support.
In order to make it easier for you to use my affiliate links when shopping at any time, I have created easy to remember URLs for these stores.  The format is always my BLOG URL / the store name with no spaces.


This is a post I’ll be updating frequently as I explore new places and try new things.  If I’m missing a store you love, drop a comment and let me know!

The Easiest Cinnamon “Rolls” Ever

Baking has never EVER been my forte, but lately I’ve gotten into it.  When you’re in quarantine and don’t have access to the grocery store whenever you want… it’s helpful to have a stocked pantry with basic ingredients so you can make a variety of different things.  That’s what I’ve been doing, and I’ve actually been enjoying it!

In the past several weeks, I’ve been baking more than ever and I’m so excited to share my latest creation… these SUPER EASY CINNAMON ROLLS that aren’t actually rolls at all. Even better? There’s no yeast, no waiting for the dough to rise, and NO ROLLING.

See, my husband Kevin loves sweet foods like cereal, waffles or cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  I’m typically more of an egg and toast kind of girl but I try to sneak in some sweet breakfasts for him here and there.  We both love cinnamon rolls but I just don’t really have the time and energy to deal with the real deal on most days.

I wanted a quicker and easier option that would work even on weekdays for busy working parents like us.  So, here’s the recipe for my new creation… a no-yeast cinnamon roll cake or what I like to call “The Easiest Cinnamon ‘ROLLS’ Ever”.

Easter Basket Ideas for Babies

I’m pretty sure I’ve never been more excited to celebrate any holiday than I am now that I’m a new mom.  Easter baskets were always a HUGE deal in my house growing up and we always looked so forward to Easter every year. I absolutely cannot wait to recreate the excitement for my daughter, Caroline, now.

In today’s post, I’m sharing the actual Easter basket I’m using and all my recommendations for items to fill an Easter basket for a small baby. Caroline will be almost three months old this year on Easter, so this post is geared toward young babies like her (or slightly older).

Two Months of Caroline Claire

I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun.  It feels like just yesterday that I sat down to write Caroline’s one month post and here we are again.  Caroline continues to amaze me every day with her continued growth.  She has DOUBLED in size from four and a half pounds at birth to nearly nine pounds at two months old (8lbs15oz to be exact).  We don’t know her exact length but it does seem as though she’s tall for her size.  She always seems to outgrow her footed pajamas in length well before they’re snug.

Honestly, the world feels like an entirely new and different place than it did a month ago.  I had heard of coronavirus or COVID-19 all the way back in January when I heard doctors talking about it at the hospital when Caroline was in the NICU.  I had been keeping an eye on things from afar and then a few weeks ago things started to get serious here in the US.  Much of the country is on lockdown and people are being encouraged to stay at home in order to slow the spread of the disease.

Given that Caroline was premature, we were on self-imposed quarantine before all of this began and had hoped and planned to be able to start taking her into public settings mid-April.  She only had a couple visitors because of this and now we’re not sure when we’ll be able to be around family and friends again.  I’m really sad that she’s missing out on time with family right now, but I’m comforted that she doesn’t understand what’s going on.

It’s a bit of a scary time in the world, but like almost everyone,  I’m doing everything I can to protect my and community by staying home.  I hope you and yours are feeling safe and healthy.

Hospital Bag Checklist: What I Packed (And Actually Used) For Mom and Baby!

As someone who is pretty Type A and always wants to be overly prepared for any situation, I was OBSESSED with researching what to pack in my hospital bag.  I watched countless YouTube videos and read a ton of blog posts and articles to get my ideas.

My daughter arrived seven weeks early, so while my bag was mostly packed I definitely didn’t have every single thing on my list ready to go.  We also went into the hospital for monitoring “just in case” the night before she was born and neither my doctor or I actually thought I was in labor so we didn’t even bring everything with us – just the basics.

One Month of Caroline Claire

I can’t believe I’m sitting down to write about spending an ENTIRE MONTH with our new baby girl, Caroline Claire Schultz.  It feels like it took us a lifetime to get her and now our time with her is flying by already.

I’m sitting at my dining room table writing this in the early morning with her in her bassinet in the living room.  It’s snowing outside and I’m working solely from the light of my laptop as to not wake her.  It’s so good to be home with her after spending nearly her entire first month of life in the NICU.

There’s honestly so much to say about this girl, her story, OUR story… a blog post won’t ever be enough – I could truly write a book – but we’ll start here.

Reflection: A Look Back On 2019

There’s just something so exciting about the fresh start of a new year and in this case… a new decade!

One of my favorite things to do on New Year’s Eve each year is to reflect back on the year past and then set intentions/goals/resolutions (whatever you want to call them!) for the year ahead.

For me, 2019 was a year of extremes.  I have experienced some of the highest of high moments and some of the lowest of lows.  I walk into 2020 still walking a fine line between grief/sorrow and incredible joy as we expect our daughter in February after losing our son in December.

Our journey to parenthood will likely be what defines 2019 in my mind forever because it was by far the most significant story of our year.  There was much more to the journey, though, and I’ve enjoyed looking back on the many blessings of the year and sharing them with you here.

Best Wide and Extra Wide Shoes and Boots for Winter

Some of the most popular content on my blog since I first launched has always been that featuring wide and extra wide width shoes for women.  I can completely understand why… for YEARS I struggled big-time in this area and although I was able to find cute plus size clothes that fit my style… shoes were a completely different story.

Thankfully, in recent years more and more wide and extra wide width shoe options have become available to us, and I’ve spent a LOT Of time and energy figuring out which ones are worth our time and which ones aren’t.

In today’s post, I’m rounding up all of my favorite wide and extra wide width flats, sneakers, booties, and boots that’ll be perfect for cold weather.