Easter Basket Ideas for Babies

I’m pretty sure I’ve never been more excited to celebrate any holiday than I am now that I’m a new mom.  Easter baskets were always a HUGE deal in my house growing up and we always looked so forward to Easter every year. I absolutely cannot wait to recreate the excitement for my daughter, Caroline, now.

In today’s post, I’m sharing the actual Easter basket I’m using and all my recommendations for items to fill an Easter basket for a small baby. Caroline will be almost three months old this year on Easter, so this post is geared toward young babies like her (or slightly older).


Pictured:  My first Easter – my mom was VERY into frilly dresses and socks.  And the bigger the basket, the better!

how to build the



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The Basket Itself

Pottery Barn has the most adorable Easter Collection, and given that it’s Caroline’s first Easter, I decided to invest in an adorable, high-quality basket that I can use her entire life.  They have so many adorable basket options and customizable liner options that I struggled to decide!

Ultimately I ended up ordering this basket and this liner in pale pink with hot pink embroidery.  According to the site, you should order by April 6th to ensure delivery – but I would allow a bit extra time to be safe given the current shipping delays throughout the country.

Of course, while the basket is important, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.  You can’t forget the filler!  I went with an inexpensive green “grass” filler for a more traditional look but other colors are available.



We’re big fans of having LOTS of books, so the majority of our basket is filled with books we’d be buying for her regardless.  I did also want to buy her a personalized Bible for her first Easter, but unfortunately with the quarantine, I haven’t been able to get out and buy one.  I have yet to find one I love online so please drop a comment if you have a good recommendation.  I’m excited because I came across my mom’s first Bible from her childhood in storage recently and she’s allowing me to gift it to Caroline for her first Easter instead and we’ll get her own Bible for some other occasion.

Here’s what we got:

Kids Bible Stories Book

A is For Awesome: 23 Iconic Women Who Changed The World

A Book in Four Languages:  My Numbers

A Book In Four Languages:  My Colors

Grandma and Grandpa also sent a few Easter and rabbit themed books in the mail for her so I didn’t go for any like that since she’s already set!

A few bunny/spring/Easter themed options:

Pat the Bunny

The Shapes of Spring

A Little Book About Spring

Spring in the Forest

The Tale of Peter Rabbit

It’s Not Easy Being a Bunny

Happy & Hoppy:  Easter Basket Lift A Flap Board Book


Bunny Pajamas:  I got this 2-pack, but I also love this option, this option, and this option.

I got Caroline a growth chart for her nursery and a rubber ducky.  I didn’t want to overdo it on toys because she already has plenty suitable for her age range.

Although we’re only a couple months old around here, we’re already overloaded with stuffed animals.  But, honestly, how can you pass up a cute stuffed bunny?  I loved this one at Macy’s and I also love this one and this one.

Screen Shot 2020-03-23 at 9.57.41 PM


Of course, you can’t have an easter basket with no candy.  Caroline is too little to eat candy this year, but I’m getting some for Kevin and me to add just for fun! Haha.


I hope you found this helpful!  I’d love to hear from you… What do you like to use in your Easter baskets?



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  1. Our most favorite book is Boom, Chica Boom Boom. It is a awesome book, however the first time you read it is like Really? Keep reading it…you will love it! You get into the groove and the kids love it! I promise, its a great book.

  2. Easter basket ideas for babies is a great idea. I liked the suggestions that you have mentioned in the article. Thank you for listing it together and sharing it with us.

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