Free Plus Size Mini Styling Service – This Month Only

UPDATE:  GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED! I am offering a significantly discounted 1:1 Styling session through the end of October 2019 as a continued thank you for your support. 

OPTION 1:  Full Styling Session $75

You’ll receive:

  • One initial 30 minute 1:1 phone call with me to discuss your style needs and preferences.
  • Customized list of wardrobe options with shoppable links hand-selected by me based on initial discussion. Will cover up to five wardrobe item categories (such as jeans, blazers, dresses, etc.)
  • Second 30 minute 1:1 phone call to review selections and discuss styling tips.

Why Choose This Option:

  • You’d like a little extra 1:1 help deciding what your wardrobe is missing and/or defining your personal style.
  • You need help finding certain must-have items in your wardrobe.
  • You would like help figuring out how to mix and match what you have with new items recommended.

Discounted Rate: 

Only $75 through the end of October! Additional hours of support can be purchased for $45/hour.

OPTION 2:  Mini Styling Session $25

You’ll receive:

  • Customized list of wardrobe options with shoppable links hand-selected by me based on survey response. Will cover 2-3 wardrobe item categories (such as jeans, blazers, dresses, etc.)

Why Choose This Option:

  • You are struggling to find certain must-haves in your wardrobe but enjoy mixing and matching your own clothing to create outfits.
  • You don’t need extra help defining your style or deciding what you’re missing in your wardrobe.  You just need help finding items you’re missing.
  • You’re on a budget and/or want to test the waters of personal styling before diving into a full session.

Discounted Rate:  

Only $25 through the end of October.

How To Book:

Send an email to subject line OCTOBER FULL STYLE SESSION or OCTOBER MINI STYLE SESSION indicating interest.  I’ll send a PayPal invoice and schedule your first call or send over the survey depending upon which service you choose!

Last night as I was tossing and turning in bed unable to sleep, I started thinking about fun ways I can serve my readers as we round out the year.

2019 has been SUCH a fun year on the blog, and I’ve just been feeling the love from you even more after my recent pregnancy announcement.  I wanted to do something fun to send love right back to you.

Earlier in 2019, I soft-launched a personal styling service exclusively for plus size women.  It’s been REALLY fun learning about your style needs and finding solutions that help us all feel a little bit more confident on a day to day basis.

In 2020, I plan to do more with the personal styling side of my business but in the meantime… I wanted to give away something fun for free!

Free Mini Plus Size Style Session from The Plus Life Blog

Free Plus Size Mini Styling Session

I get a LOT of DMs and emails asking me for personal recommendations for specific clothing items to fit specific needs (special events, individual fit concerns, etc.).  I do try to answer as many of those personal requests as possible but it’s getting harder and harder to keep up.

That’s one reason I decided to start my personal styling business… I know that even the most thorough blog posts can’t meet every need of my readers and I wanted a way to offer truly personalized service to each of you when you need it.

Anyway, my 1:1 styling service is much more in-depth than the mini styling service I’ve decided to offer FOR FREE, but I thought it would be fun to give you an opportunity to request help to find specific clothing pieces.

What You’ll Get As Part of the Mini Styling Session

I’ll ask you to submit the top 2-3 wardrobe items you’re currently missing along with details about your size, store preferences, and style preferences.

I will source items to meet your individual needs based on your survey response and email you direct links to shop the items.  My goal is to respond within two weeks or hopefully much less.

Is this REALLY Free?

Yup!  You don’t have to pay anything for the recommendations!  I just wanted to do something fun for you as a thank you for all of the support you’ve given me in 2019.

I *will* make money through affiliate commissions if you choose to purchase the items I recommend using the links I’ll be sending you to shop; however, affiliate commissions are VERY small and will likely not come close to offsetting the time I’ll spend on this.  Really just doing it because it’ll be fun for all of us.

How to Get Your Free Mini Styling Session

All you have to do is submit a response to my mini style survey below!  It should take less than five minutes to submit!  Please provide as much detail as you can in your response to help me find the piece(s) you’ll love!


All survey respondents, regardless of whether you’re the first 50 or not, will receive a discount code for a significant discount on a full personal styling session.  Be on the lookout for info about this bonus offer via email!

The Not So Fine Print

  1. Limited Number of Participants: I will only be able to provide personalized recommendations to the first fifty people to respond to the survey at this time.  If you are not one of the first fifty people to respond, I’ll let you know via email but will update this blog post and the form once we’ve hit the limit.
  2. Timing of Responses:  Please allow up to two weeks for your personalized recommendations.  The Plus Life is currently a one-woman show (oh, hi! It’s me, Miranda!), and I want to ensure that I can spend adequate time sourcing pieces for you.  I’ll do my best to respond as quickly as possible.
  3. Communication Method:  Submitting responses to the mini style survey will require you to share your email address with me.  This is how you will receive your custom wardrobe picks.  You’ll also be added to my email list so that we can stay in touch.  Once you’re added, you can unsubscribe at any time, but I hope you’ll stick around! We have a lot of fun 🙂
  4. Product Links:  When I send you links to the wardrobe recommendations, they will be affiliate links.  You are not required to purchase anything I recommend but if you do I’ll make a very small commission that will help me (somewhat) justify spending so much time offering this service for free.

I am SO excited to hear from you and find out how I can help you fill the gaps in your wardrobe!  If you haven’t already responded to the survey above, please do!  Can’t wait to style you!




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