Fall Capsule Wardrobe Featuring Lane Bryant

I sometimes hear people say they can’t find cute clothes at Lane Bryant, and it honestly shocks me.  I almost always have good luck finding wardrobe-essentials there and in recent years, I think the brand has done a great job of offering on-trend options as well.

A large portion of my wardrobe has been from Lane Bryant for as long as I can remember.  Today, I was picking up an order at my local Lane Bryant and tried on a few things while I was there. As I was shopping I thought… “I KNOW I could create a great Fall wardrobe here from start to finish.”

I polled my Instagram fam (hi, IG fam!) and the vote was unanimous that everyone wanted to see a Fall Capsule Wardrobe featuring exclusively options from Lane Bryant.

So, here we are.

Fall 2019 Capsule Wardrobe Featuring Exclusively Lane Bryant Clothing

Disclosure:  the links in this post are affiliate links, which means I will make a small commission when you shop using these links at no cost to you.  Affiliate income allows me to provide free content, and I always appreciate your support in using my links when you shop!  

All options are available in sizes 14-28.  Shoes included are all wide widths.

This is a bit of a long post, so here’s an overview of what you’ll get:

  • Wardrobe Essentials For Year-Round Wear
  • Seasonal Wardrobe Capsule Items For Fall
  • Outfit Combinations From This Capsule
  • Color Palette Tips & Tricks (How to add color to your capsule)

Wardrobe Essentials For Year-Round Wear

Before we dive into our fall capsule wardrobe, I want to make sure we have all of the basics covered.  There are some pieces that you’ll be able to wear year-round that will be very helpful to have as part of your fall capsule (and all capsules to come).

These year-round staples are where I primarily recommend investing in your wardrobe. Thankfully, these recommendations from Lane Bryant are reasonably priced for the quality you receive AND there are often incredible sales allowing you to get the pieces you need for even better prices.

I would imagine that most of us already have a good number of these essentials in our closets, so there’s no need to go out and buy everything on the list!  Shop your closet first!



Seasonal Wardrobe Items  For Fall

I’m obsessed with Fall 2019 “trends” because most of them are actually pretty classic.  It always feels good to know that the pieces we are investing in will be wearable for years to come.  Of course, for this capsule, I wasn’t able to include EVERY popular trend I love but if you’re looking to find all of my favorite Fall 2019 fashion trends, you can read all about them in this recent blog post.



Outfits From This Capsule:

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, nearly every single piece in this capsule can be paired with nearly every other piece included.  I know it can be overwhelming to try and figure that out all on your own so below are some of my favorite outfit combinations from the capsule.

Leopard Maxi Skirt Styling Options:

  • With either black or white tee & black flats
  • With turtleneck & black or taupe booties
  • With either tee shirt & denim jacket and flats or booties
  • With classic blouse tucked in with flats
  • With v-neck sweater partially tucked/draped with any shoe
  • With a white button-up top



Plaid Blazer Styling Options:

  • With Ponte knit pants and flats or booties
  • With jeans and flats or booties
  • Over Little Black Dress with flats or booties


Leopard Flats Styling Options:

  • With any combination of tops/sweaters/blouses and jeans or Ponte pants
  • With Little Black Dress



Olive Cardigan Styling Options:

  • With either black or white tee & black flats
  • With turtleneck & black or taupe booties
  • With either tee shirt & denim jacket and flats or booties
  • With white button-up shirt tucked in with flats or booties



Turtle Neck, V-Neck Sweater, and Classic Blouse Styling Options:

  • With any pants or skirts in the capsule, tucked or untucked combined with any shoe pairing.

There’s pretty much no combination of pieces here that WON’T work together.  I probably wouldn’t wear the leopard flats with the leopard skirt because the patterns don’t match and I’m picky like that… but you could probably even pull that off if you like pattern mixing!

Because even our capsule’s “trendy” pieces like the leopard print items and the plaid blazer consist of neutrals, you can easily pair them with any colorful pants, tops, shoes or handbags you already own.

How to Add Color To Your Capsule (A note on your color palette)

You’ll see that my capsule here consists primarily of neutrals like black, white, olive, grey, etc.  I like to build my base wardrobe around a variety of neturals that can be easily mixed and matched.  I add in color through additional items in my wardrobe like accessories and even additional layering pieces like more sweaters, tees, etc.  I also tend to wear way more color in the summertime and a bit less in the fall and winter overall.

You can modify this capsule wardrobe to include the neutrals of your choice.  Hate black? Sub the Ponte pants & black tee for navy as your primary neutral.  Prefer ivory to white? Swap it out!

Another tip is to choose one or two bolder colors for a season to incorporate into your wardrobe.  Some years I’ll lean toward blues and greens and lately, I’ve been into burgundy and blush.  I also love deep yellows and rust colors for Fall.  When you have a great wardrobe base with a variety of neutrals it becomes much easier to add in the pops of color when you find them.  Additionally, when you thoughtfully add in high quality, classic yet colorful pieces to your wardrobe each year… over time you’ll have a variety of color in addition to your base neutral wardrobe.

Need 1:1 Help?

Capsule wardrobes are a great way to start building a collection of fabulous pieces in your closet.  The beauty of a capsule is that it gives you a shopping guide and a list of outfit ideas but to get the true benefit of a capsule, it’s important to customize it to meet your own personal style and lifestyle preferences.

That’s why I also offer 1:1 personal styling services.  We’ll chat on the phone or via video chat and I’ll get to know a bit more about your specific needs.  I’ll customize a plan of action for you to build the wardrobe of your dreams.

Email me at miranda @ thepluslifeblog.com for details and to book.  I’m running a special through October 31st for $85 where you’ll get an hour styling session PLUS a custom capsule wardrobe created for you.

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2 thoughts on “Fall Capsule Wardrobe Featuring Lane Bryant

  1. This is perfect timing! I badly need to clean out and pare down my closet… It’s a classic case of having lots of clothes but “nothing” to wear and not a lot of pieces that I can mix and match. I own some of these so I can go ahead and fill in some gaps. Thank you!

    1. Aw yay! So happy it’s helpful! Your situation is exactly why I love capsule wardrobes! I don’t stick to them religiously but they’re so helpful as a general guide!

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