The Plus Life Blog’s Amazon Prime Day Picks!

Amazon Prime Day is here, and I’ve been scoping out the scene all morning looking for bargains!  My favorite Prime Day finds are always electronics and home items, so that’s most of what I’ve rounded up here.

Check out all of the faves I already own along with a few items on my wishlist for this year and beyond!


The Plus Life Blog’s 2019 Amazon Prime Day Top Picks


  1. Fire TV Stick 
  2. Vitamix Blenders 
  3. Apple Products (iPads and Apple Watches)
  4. Samsonite Luggage
  5. Dyson Vacuum Cleaners  
  6. Instant Pot  
  7. Stemless Wine Glasses 
  8. Soda Stream 
  9. Roomba 
  10. Nespresso


We are official millennial cord-cutters and no longer have cable.  We love using services like Netflix and Sling to stream our favorite shows.  The Fire TV stick will turn any TV into a smart TV (we’re still holding out on replacing our old-school TV!)

A couple years ago I lucked out and found an incredible deal on a Vitamix blender.  I must say, I would NEVER spend hundreds of dollars to buy one of these full-price but with a deal, these are 100% worth the investment.  You can blend literally anything in it, and I know it will last for years to come.

Fun fact… I have never owned an iPad.  I’ve had an iPhone since they were first launched and have had a MacBook Air laptop for years too but never went for it with an iPad.  I’m not 100% sure if I’d use it enough to make the investment worth it, but maybe with this deal?  What do you think? Are you an iPad user?

Samsonite Luggage has been a staple for me my entire life.  My mom always had it and now I tend to grab it too.  I love a hardshell suitcase set, but if you prefer the softer style Amazon is offering deals on both today.

For real, I can’t live without my Dyson vacuum cleaner.  I bought mine on Black Friday years ago and it’s been a workhorse in my home ever since.  If you’re on the market for a vacuum, you can’t go wrong here.

The Instant Pot is something I’m WAY BEHIND ON TRYING!  I might be one of the only people left on the planet who hasn’t bought one (unless you’re still pondering it too).  I think I need to go for it during this sale… I LOVE my crockpot, and I think it’ll be awesome to have a similar concept but much faster execution.

I’m not a huge wine drinker, but I LOVE a stemless wine glass.  I drink everything from them – yup, I don’t follow the rules about what glasses to use for different drinks.  They just make me feel fancy even if I’m just drinking my water.

Speaking of water… my Soda Stream is another go-to in the kitchen.  I wanted to love it as a replacement for my beloved Diet Coke but I do not actually like the soda stream soda flavors.  Just when I thought my Soda Stream was doomed, I got into the sparkling water craze.  I love squeezing in lemon or lime juice or even squirting in some Crystal Light drink mix.

OK, you got me.  I have TWO vacuum cleaners on the list today… that’s because sometimes I just want a robot to do the dirty work for me.  I actually bought a Roomba for my dad for Christmas a couple years ago and he decided he preferred doing things the old fashioned way.  After he didn’t use it for about a year, he gave it back to me.  Normally, I’d be offended by someone hating their Christmas gift (not really) but I definitely was the big winner because I’m obsessed!

The Nespresso is another wishlist item for me that I haven’t personally tried.  I love a good coffee on occasion and always watch YouTubers start their day with Nespresso drinks.  They always look so delicious, and I think I need to try one.  Have one? Worth it?

Are you shopping Prime today?? What are your favorite finds?


DISCLOSURE:  Links in this post are affiliate links, and I will make a small commission if you purchase items utilizing these links at no cost to you.  I appreciate your support of the blog by using these links when you shop!







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  1. Hey there! Love this list, I’m just about to hit Prime Day myself and hunt deals! I need new headphones, lol.

    Just a note, both of your links for the Fire Stick goes to the Vitamix blenders.

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