Ask Me Anything: How Do I Handle Chub Rub?

My favorite part of blogging is the one on one conversations that go down in my DMs.  That seems to be where ALL the juiciest questions get asked.  That’s why I launched my “Ask Me Anything” series where I allow readers to anonymously submit questions and I answer them on the blog.

Lately, one of the most common conversations I’ve been having privately is about every plus size woman’s arch-enemy… chub rub.  Since this has been such a frequently asked question, I wanted to share my answer here for everyone.

So, today’s ASK ME ANYTHING question…

chub rub

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What is Chub Rub?

Chub Rub is that uncomfortable chafing that happens when skin rubs more skin, especially during warm weather.  For most people, the inner thighs are the most common chub rub zone but it can happen pretty much anywhere on your body where your skin touches.

How Do I Avoid Chub Rub?

There are two different ways I avoid inner-thigh chub rub:

  1. Wearing shorts or shapewear under dresses
  2. Using Anti-Chafe Gel

Wearing Shorts Under Dresses To Prevent Chub Rub

I frequently wear shapewear under dresses, and when I do THESE are the ones I wear.  I don’t like a lot of compression and these aren’t super tight.  They help minimize the jiggle, but more importantly, they protect my legs from rubbing together. One of my favorite tips for shapewear is to size up if I’m not looking for much compression.

Click here to shop my favorite low-compression shapewear shorts.

Unfortunately, there are times when the summer heat means I want to avoid extra layers of clothing, including these shorts, at all costs.  That’s when my secret weapon comes in.

High Waisted Shapewear Shorts To Prevent Chub Rub During The Summer Months

My Favorite Anti-Chafe Gel To Prevent Chub Rub

When I don’t feel like wearing shorts or shapewear under a dress… or when I’m wearing a swimsuit and shorts won’t work… I ALWAYS reach for this Anti-Chafe Gel.

I’ve tried several different products over the years and this one is the one I purchase repeatedly year after year.

Click here to shop my favorite anti-chafe gel AKA chub rub preventer.

The Plus Life Blog's Most Highly Recommended Chub Rub Preventer AKA Anti-Chafe Gel

Why I Love Anti-Chafe Gel

  • The obvious reason I love this anti-chafe gel is that it truly does prevent chub rub.  I’ve tried many products and this one really does work!
  • It feels nice.  This particular gel has almost a powdery finish once it’s applied and it just makes walking around so much more comfortable.
  • It can prevent chub rub anywhere on your body that you need it – not just the inner thighs.
  • It’s inexpensive!  You can get this product for way less than $10!
  • It’s fragrance-free.
  • It doesn’t stain clothing.

If you haven’t tried it already, I really can’t wait to hear what you think once you try this gel.  It’s been a game-changer for me!

Let’s chat… what anti-chafe/anti-chub rub products have you tried? What are your faves?

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How to prevent chub rub by The Plus Life

4 thoughts on “Ask Me Anything: How Do I Handle Chub Rub?

    1. I keep hearing about it but haven’t tried it yet! Going to have to do that!

  1. Love this especially the tip about sizing up in shapewear. I think Catherine’s deserve a mention too– they are so so lightweight and the size range is VERY extended. Also, like the commenter above I think Megababe is really good!!! i like the ease of it being in a ‘deoderant’ shaped stick vs a tube. Dying to know what you think of it!!!

    1. I’ve never tried the Catherine’s option! Will have to give them a try! Also adding Megababe to my list! I’ve tried other deodorant stick styles and didn’t love the formula but def need to check Megababe out!

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