Five Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your Front Porch

There’s nothing more welcoming than a nicely decorated front porch.  The way you decorate this area sets the tone of your entire home for visitors and your family alike.

When we first moved into our house last year, I didn’t fully decorate our front porch, but I kept it simple with a nice welcome mat and wreath.  This year, I plan to take things to the next level by adding in a few more pieces.  I’ll also need to update my welcome mat that has taken quite the beating this year.

In today’s post, I’m sharing the five easy things you can do to spruce up your front porch.  As with all of my content, I’m sharing recommendations of the things I love but half the fun is making it your own!

Disclosure:  Links in this blog post are affiliate links so I will receive a small percentage if you purchase items using these links at no cost to you.  I appreciate your support of the blog in using these links when you shop!

The top five things you need for a welcoming front porch:

  1.  Welcome Mat
  2. Wreath
  3. Lanterns
  4. Sign
  5. Planters

The products I’m sharing are in a variety of price points from Amazon, Target, Wayfair, and Pottery Barn in hopes of sharing options for every budget.  You can also often find cute items in store at Hobby Lobby or Home Goods if you’re looking for different options!

Untitled design
Here’s Kevin and Me standing on our small front porch on the day we bought our house.  As you can see, I won’t have a ton of space to work with but I’m going to make the most of it using the tips below.

Welcome Mat

Of course, a welcome mat is necessary for guests to wipe their feet but it can also serve as a focal point for your front porch.  I love a custom option like the one below from Pottery Barn or one with a cute phrase like the “Home Sweet Home” option from Target.


Customized Mat from

Hello Goodbye Mat from

Striped Hello Door Mat from

Home Sweet Home Mat from

A current trend for welcome mats is to layer the traditional mat like the ones above on top of another, larger outdoor mat.  Here are a few great options for the layered look:

Blue Indoor/Outdoor Rug from

Striped Indoor/Outdoor rug available in porcelain blue, navy blue or taupe on

Malaga Outdoor rug available in multiple colors from

Bolton Rug in Beige from

Gray outdoor rug from


I have a small collection of wreaths that I swap out throughout the year.  One of my go-to options is a boxwood wreath because they’re classic and simple, but they can be spruced up with bows, monograms or other decor pieces.


Peony wreath from

Boxwood wreath from

White floral wreath from

Hearth and Hand With Magnolia Eucalyptus Wreath from

Boxwood wreath from

Dogwood wreath from

Purple floral wreath from

Lemon Wreath from

Hearth and Hand With Magnolia Wreath Hanger from

Command Strip Hangers from


Lanterns are one of my favorite decor items for a front porch.  They are warm and welcoming and can be easily transitioned throughout all seasons to fit your decor.

Bronze Lanterns from

Weathered White Lanterns from

Park Hill Lantern from

Iron Lantern from

Wooden Lantern from

Glass and Metal Lantern from

Welcome Sign

These welcome signs are a bit of a farmhouse aesthetic which might not be for everyone… I don’t go all in on “farmhouse” but I do love a good welcome sign.  I think it adds a nice height to the decor and also can be seen from a distance so even those who aren’t coming to your front door can see your gorgeous decor.


Welcome Sign from

Welcome Sign from


Maybe THE MOST important aspect of a front porch design is the liveliness of a great floral or small tree.  For my house, we have very mature shrubs and trees surrounding our house so there is a LOT of green.  I’m looking forward to adding gorgeous planters full of colorful flowers to add just a touch of color to our house’s facade.

Urn Planter from

Zinc Planters from

Textured White Planters from

Concrete Fluted Planters from


Urn Style Planter from

Bonus options:

If you want to make an even bigger impact, I’d also recommend you invest in the following things to take your porch to the next level:

    1.  Updated light fixtures
    2. Seating if space allows (you can’t go wrong with rocking chairs or a porch swing)
    3. A fresh coat of paint on your front door


It’s so much fun to tackle small projects like this one… so much less overwhelming than thinking of ALL THE THINGS that need to be done at home.  I’ll be following my own recommendations from this post and updating my front porch… Let me know if you choose to refresh yours too!

Stay tuned to the blog and my social media to see my finish product very soon!

If you’d like to see my inspiration for my upcoming porch update, check out my Home Decor Ideas Pinterest Board.  While you’re there, give me a follow if you like seeing plus size fashion, home and lifestyle content on Pinterest!

Five Easy Tips To Make Your Front Porch Look Great


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