Review: The Plus Size Sports Bra That is Changing The Game!

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post in partnership with GlamoriseSport.  All opinions are my own.  I only share products I personally use and love.  

I’ve got a secret…..

For years, I’ve been a double bra wearer.  That’s right…. when I exercise, I wear a sports bra with a regular underwire bra underneath.

I’m not particularly busty, but I still prefer additional support that most sports bras just don’t provide.  Regular sports bras typically either smash my “girls” flat or don’t provide enough support to control the bounce when I work out.

I’ve always HATED that when I use my “double bra method” you can see both sets of straps under tank tops.  I’ve also hated getting my favorite bras sweaty and gross requiring me to wash them after each wear, causing them to wear out quickly.

I am so thrilled that the team at GlamoriseSport reached out to me to try the Adjustable Support Wire Sport Bra because it truly is a game changer for plus size women like me who want support and comfort when we work out without wearing two bras!

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About The GlamoriseSport Adjustable Support Wire Sport Bra:

This bra has two layers, a sports bra with a hidden underwire bra underneath.  It has an easy to reach adjustable support on the front of the straps allowing you to adjust the bra from low, to medium and high support.

The two way stretch fabric is moisture wicking to ensure you stay cool and dry.

The bra is comfortable enough to wear around the house but supportive enough for your most intense workout.

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The Adjustable Support bras from GlamoriseSport are available in band sizes from 32-46 and cup sizes B-G! I personally max out the band size as a 46 C, but if you do need a larger band, other styles are available up to a size 50! If you’re not sure what size you should order, check out GlamoriseSport’s super helpful size calculator.


I really never order bras without trying them on, so I was nervous to pick a size in a new style. Fortunately, GlamoriseSport offers free shipping and free returns, so if you don’t get the right fit on the first try, it’s easy to send it back and get something different.

With that said, I ordered my usual size (46 C) and it fit like a glove!  It was tight enough to support me but didn’t feel restrictive at all.


Most of my exercise is low to moderate intensity.  Even with the lowest level of support setting, I felt completely supported.  I stuck with the lowest level for the majority of the day, then readjusted to the medium support during my weight training session.  I could jump, bend, stretch and move in any way with no issues.

I personally don’t do high impact workouts so I didn’t need to use the highest level of support, but I expect for my friends with a larger bust it would be beneficial!

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These are very attractive bras that look great under tops or exposed!  I chose the black & white version because I liked that it could coordinate with so much of my workout attire.

While the bra itself is beautiful, I selfishly was most excited about the way the bra accentuated my own body.  As a smaller chested plus size woman, I sometimes feel self conscious when sports bras further flatten my chest.  The underwire support of this bra and the general fit made me look and feel my best.


I found the bra to be incredibly comfortable both during normal wear and during my workout.  I especially loved that everything “stayed put” and I didn’t have to stop my workout to re-adjust.

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The adjustable support bras start at $54.99.  Honestly, at first glance I thought $55 was a bit expensive for a sports bra.  Then I realized that my usual sports bras cost somewhere between $35-$50 depending on the brand and style but they aren’t adjustable and I still also wear a $50+ regular bra with them! (This bra is an even better value when you use my discount code SPORT12 for 10% off your order!)

Given that these bras adjust to low, medium and high impact, they’re essentially three bras for the price of one.  This, combined with the quality and support, makes these a no-brainer for me moving forward.

Let me know in the comments… what’s your favorite workout? Have you ever worn two bras at once?  What level of support would you use the most if you had the adjustable support bra?

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19 thoughts on “Review: The Plus Size Sports Bra That is Changing The Game!

  1. I have never found a sports bra I liked and have done the double bra before as well! Thanks so much for the suggestion. I’ll need to check it out!

    1. I’m so happy I shared this! I wasn’t sure if many others use the double bra approach. This is so much easier and more comfortable! Don’t forget to use code SPORTS12 if you try it! 💕

    1. Ahhh I think these would be great for you! The support even on the lowest impact setting was better than any bra I’ve had!

  2. So cool that you can adjust the bra depending on your workout; I have worn multiple bras before just because finding the right sports bra can be so tough!

    1. It really is so tough to find one that works well & is comfy! I’m so glad I don’t have to wear multiple bras now! 😊

    1. I agree! It’s so hard to find the trifecta of comfort, support and appearance. This one hit the mark on all three. Such a pleasant surprise!

  3. Holy moly! I love the easily accessable adjustments and the way that some bras are available up to a 50″ band is a no brainer. This is the perfect sports bra!!

    1. Yes!!! I love that the adjustable part is so easy to reach! I do hope they eventually offer the adjustable version in the full size range up to a 50 like some of the others!

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